Blog #125: Most Productive Hundred Days in History

From “Nobody knew Healthcare could be so complicated,” to “after 10 minutes listening to Mr. Xi, I realized there was more to the North Korean situation,” to “I thought it would be easier,” our illustrious leader has made it abundantly clear that he is clueless! (our apologies if these are not precise quotes)

Unfortunately for all of us, Prez T’s first 100 days’ productivity was mostly directed to devastating our environment, exacerbating our already horrid income inequality, and eliminating our free press. This old con artist is a completely insensitive ignoramus, and is encouraging pandemonium in our nation and the entire world. After tweeting and executive actioning to a fair-thee-well every one of those 100 days, he’s gotten exactly NO significant legislative actions done, either good or bad (that’s probably a good thing).

Now, if you happen to watch Fox “News,” as I have my old pap do now and then, just to keep him on his toes, you will believe that this guy is just “fulfilling his promises to you.” You should probably be preparing your lists for Santa Claus, also, to get them mailed early. Good old Fox, finally dumped O’Reilly; we’re guessing they calculated it would be cheaper to give him a $29 Mill severance package than to keep buying off his numerous victims. It’s a bit of a stretch, but I guess you could count that as “raising wages,” another Trump promise fulfilled!

As I’ve pointed out many times, the old boy can’t really be held totally accountable for his behavior, due to his EPPS, Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome, and he certainly didn’t cause the North Korean problem; that one goes way back to the beginning of our multinational corporate extension of greedy capitalism in picking winners and losers around the world. For a fun read grab young Tom Piketty’s tome, “Capital, in the 21st century,” which old pap & I condensed for you, from ~ 700 pages to this sage bit of advice, “Choose your parents well.”

So, with mostly ugliness and divisiveness for 100 Days, the big orange dude skips the White House correspondents’ dinner to “rally” in Harrisburg, dissing the “media,” and delivering a very, very long litany of con artist horse hockey. This poor old fool can’t leave the campaign trail, and his loyal fall guys ate it up. To quote the Prez exactly, “SAD!” To be fair though, he has put people back to work, the many comedians mimicking his boorish behavior and juvenile tweets!

Your fav (I hope) hound doggie, Buster. Wake up, pappy, we’re outta here.

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  1. Good stuff, Buster, old boy :). Here’s hoping you won’t have to report on “the second 100 days!”


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