Blog #126: The Alternative to “Alternative Facts.”

While our illustrious leader was telling tall tales to those poor deluded souls up in Harrisburg, PA, an Indian-American Muslim guy was telling the truth at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The young fellow, Hassan Minhaj, made more sense while making jokes than the Prez, who was supposedly telling how he is “bringing back American Jobs and Making America Great Again.”

The old Trumpster was spouting one of his fav lines about “ending the assault on your 2nd Amendment rights,” while Hassan was pleading with all of us to keep free speech under our 1st Amendment from being eroded by our wanna-be dictator and his cronies.

Of course, all the bunk about the 2nd guaranteeing us all the right to keep lots of weapons in our homes and pickumup trucks so we can readily bump off our neighbors and allow our young children to kill themselves is ridiculous! Howsomever, this Prez and many of his scurrilous pals would love to squelch the ability of the press to apprise us of the skulduggery going on in government and board rooms all across the fruited plain. So, in the present instance, old pap and I come down on the side of the young comedian. Matter of fact, it’s only logical that the old con man boycotted the Dinner, he doesn’t seem capable of either telling a joke or enjoying humor of any kind.

We thought the reference to President Trump’s abstinence from alcohol was interesting to say the least, can you imagine anyone tweeting away at 3AM, completely sober? Ludicrous, and “BAD!” EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome) can cause all manner of problems, apparently!

THIS JUST IN (or ALERT, as good old Fox would say): White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, casually acknowledged during a Sunday Show interview that the current administration has been considering Constitutional changes to restrict the First Amendment!



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