Blog #137: Let’s Get Started!

As y’all may already be aware, old pap and I have become convinced that a new political party must be formed, and the sooner, the better! I’ve got old pap researching the subject, and we’ll begin posting requests for comments on our ideas for a positive message and set of objectives as well as an appropriate name. Due to staffing limitations, we plan to develop our policies incrementally, and hope it will all come together eventually in a coherent and precise plan (picked up that idea from The Mooch, as he defended the good old Republicrats’ seemingly erratic approach to their “repeal and replace” actions of late).

So, Article # 1 – When running for any public office in our good old U.S.ofA., we will “Come Clean.” We’ll release our tax returns (generally the past 10 years), and divulge anything from our past employments or other activities which could possibly be a conflict of interest with our discharge of the duties of the office we are seeking if we are successful. Editor’s Note: Pew Research thinks about 80% of us old Amuricans believe it to be “morally wrong” to cheat on your taxes, so that leaves maybe 20% thinking it’s OK – looks as if the 1% has company.

The Tweets have gotten (have always been?) really stupid, the constant attacks on old Jeff Sessions, and then the almost unbelievable insult to thousands of our military service members. We even have WH staff shuffles by Twitter. Speaking of really weird: this Scaramucci dude is just as ignorant, stupid, profane, and crass as the old fool, himself, though unlike the Draft-dodgher-in-Chief, he does seem able to complete a sentence, when he isn’t cussing! Hence for now, we will just note the most egregious items here at the end of my Blog. BTW: Don’t ya just love the old draft-dodger’s reference to “My Generals!”

Exit is nigh, his EPPS is progressing rapidly, and his behavior could turn horribly dangerous at any time. We’re afraid it is time for Mikey to take the reins – God help us- and we can only hope She hasn’t given us up for lost!

So, is it becoming clear why we need the 3rd Party? With two sets of rascals which can only produce a complete moron residing in the WH, and good old Hillary publishing her version, “How It Happened”…(can you imagine her insightful take on this travesty), old pap and I think the obvious is upon us.

Please send us your comments and ideas, Bus and old pappy, on drums.

17-7-10 30 July 2017

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