Blog #142: Labor Day (already)

Don’t look now, but we have arrived (not exactly safe and sound) at that all but forgotten holiday called “Labor Day.” Oh, as is the case with all our “holidays” here in our good old U.S.ofA, only its original purpose is forgotten. Not to worry, all those ever-helpful merchants, both electronic and brick and mortar, will be reminding us by their ugly, ubiquitous advertising all about the gobs of cash we can save by taking full advantage of their philanthropically generous SALES!

Concurrently, our modern day “industrialists,” those brilliant CEOs of our way over-sized multi-national corporations will be celebrating their lucrative pay packages and bonuses, and looking forward to more tax reductions from our cheerful legislators, an inordinate number of whom they have bought and paid for with generous campaign contributions, as well as other quiet bribes. These rascals make the “Robber Barons” of the late 19th Century look like choir boys!

It is these wondrous modern day “captains of industry” who are making “Labor Day” a poignant reminder of the murderous demise of our “middle class” and along with it, the Amurican Dream. As our illustrious “leader” blames our neighbor, Mexico, and all the other places where he buys his cheap promotional products, for our loss of jobs, these excessively greedy Big Bosses are still killing our remaining workers, not with kindness, either. Our Amurican workplace has become a horror, equivalent, though somewhat disguised, to conditions described in good old Charles Dickens’ novels. While there is some dispute about whether our poor old President belongs in a mental institution, there is no doubt where these dudes belong: behind bars!

As though we didn’t have enough trouble, now North Korea seems to be nearing the crisis stage. A prime example of the darkest side of our vaunted capitalism, this little nation has been driven into isolation to a major degree by our “big biz” dudes deciding that other oligarchs were more susceptible to their schemes for moving our jobs “off-shore.” Now, as we’ve mentioned before, the moron in the White House is probably considering the possibility of solving the North Korean conundrum, one way or another, as his “ace in the hole” to extricate him from Russia and all his other self-inflicted injuries. To a narcissistic fool such as our prez, only his own well-being is of any concern. You may remember his campaign rhetoric, when he thought all our allies should have nukes, and use them, “Why have nukes if you’re not gonna use ‘em?” Seriously, does anyone believe this dude is not crazy?

My old pappy and I believe it’s still a good idea to retain a sense of humor, macabre as it may need be, so we recommend you go find and listen to the Kingston Trio’s 1959 recording of “The Merry Minuet.”

So, our fellow saps, celebrate, and by all means, let’s go out and buy more over-priced junk to keep the “economy” perking.

Yer pals, Buster and old pap.

BTW: Here’s a tiny blog which my dear old pappy was just too weary to get typed up:
Just another routine Friday down in the Swamp – 27 August 2017
A little pardon for good old Sheriff Joe, Doubling Down on those expensive Trans Gender rascals, and Exit Left for Sebastian. Not sure how old Gorka fits this pattern; seems more to be a General Kelly type transaction, but who knows? Anywho, that’s the one positive; that British sounding dude was pure bad news! BTW: Did you remember Old Sheriff Joe and The Donald being “birther” co-conspirators back in the day? Don’t worry, neither did my old pappy, who still believes fervently that our illustrious Prez is not a racist, he apparently hates everyone who doesn’t support his idiocies, equally!

One factor is undeniable when evaluating our “leader”: his uncanny ability to fire underlings (guess he picked that up on the old tv show). Unfortunately, most of them are ner-do-wells whom he had recently hired!

Holy Rattlesnakes, Batman, this is our 4th Blog about Labor Day, and unfortunately, our workers’ situation hasn’t improved a tiny bit, with all economic gains here in our good old U.S.ofA. going to the top couple of percent! Maybe our faithful readers will wish to go back and see our other Labor Day laments: My Blogs numbers, 26, 2014, 39, 2015, and 84, 2016. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Good stuff, as usual, ‘Bus. I couldn’t agree more about our modern day “industrialists.” Trump or no Trump, they are clearly winning at the expense of all the rest of us. It’s telling, too, that Trump himself, who ran on a more populist platform, is basically acquiescing to everything they want, while simultaneously doing everything he can to to “win” the culture wars at the expense of millions of innocent people. It’s a sad state of affairs. I’m sure the Kingston Trio would agree 🙂


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