Blog #143: Where’s Waldo?

One question leads to another: Has our illustrious “leader” turned over a new leaf? As far as we know, he hasn’t yet tweeted, “His” Irma storm was the biggest yet, and maybe even the storm of the Millennia. Or, has old General Kelly disconnected his “puter?” We’re putting our money on the latter!

Actually, the old moronic White House occupant read a very thoughtful speech at the Pentagon today, mentioning “His” Harvey storm by name, but ignored poor Irma, maybe ‘cause she’s only a girl. Got to hand it to General Kelly though, he’s teaching the old rascal to read from the tele-prompter, and to look almost “presidential” whilst doing it!

Yes, The Trumpster and his minions are all out remembering 9-11, and praising and praying for our heroes publicly, while, of course, very quietly trying to destroy our environment, educational systems, and the very fabric of our society.

Amidst all this clatter, we still have dear old Hillary promising to inform us just how we came to “elect” a really creepy guy who “stalked” her on national tv.

Ho Boy, pappy, how much good news can an old hound doggie take?

PS: Good old Fox “news” is giving the old bloke a run for his money in the category of firing henchmen; canned yet another stalwart “fair and balanced (and not afraid) “reporter,” named Eric Bolling last week. Once again, citing “alleged” sexual harassment activities. Haven’t they ever hired a decent dude, except maybe young Tucker Carlson, who seems to be merely stupid, but that’s a real big maybe, too?

Webster definition: Twit – a silly or foolish person. With so many “twits” tweeting and twittering away both inside and out of our good old Washington, D.C. crowd, is it possible to have rational conversation anymore? Still another question!

Are things clearing up for ya yet?

17-9-2 11 September 2017

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  1. In an odd sort of way, I think the “slightly more presidential” version of Trump may be even more dangerous than the one we’ve begun to grow accustomed to. The less outrageous and controversial he is, the less pressure there is on Republicans to do something about him; the less attention his destructive, behind-the-scenes policy objectives receive; and the more “normalized” this entire bizarre chapter of history seems to become.


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