Blog #158: The Dump and Rudy Show plus – Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

If old Tronald Dump wasn’t wild and crazy enough for ya, he’s now teamed up with the ex-Mayor of NYC, good old Rudy Giuliani. Together, they are bringing you preposterously funny and stupid daily shows on your beloved telly, and, the now essential, twitter feed! Rudy is on every tv show that will have him chatting about old Stormy, and letting folks know that this is no big deal because all rich guys do it all the time. Concurrently, the old idiot, who even top generals can’t seem to discipline, is attempting to minimize the importance of what he calls, “the witch hunt.” Try not to be too confused by these new displays of seeming disorder; the possibility of them being just another of mr. dump’s cleaver cons is great.

Golly Ned, Today, our old Moron decided we would unilaterally pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Then, just before declaring God’s Blessing on us, he stated that when he makes a promise, he keeps it. There seem to be two caveats to his statement – 1: Would any of his many jilted ex-partners (who, incidentally, took the brunt of his bankruptcies) agree with him? 2: He apparently doesn’t mind breaking our USofA international promises. This fellow, who has no relationship with the truth, is the most accomplished con artist ever to darken the horizon.

That is why it is so important for the Demoblicans to pull their act together and take over the House and Senate in November. Otherwise, the Moron will be in place for another three years, and at the rate he is going, there may be little left of our poor old USofA. We all need to do our share to ensure the reversal of Congressional power in November. All of us good old Amuricans of good faith need to go out and vote. We can’t leave it all to those brave kids from Parkland, FL with their thoughtful peers chanting, “Never Again,” and the dear ladies who have, or have known someone who has been abused by “powerful” men’s sense of “entitlement” marching in the “MeToo.” protests. Thank goodness for these kids and ladies! They are leading the charge, but they’ll need all of our help if our dear old country is to be rescued from this scourge of a madman president and a Congress refusing to carry out it’s Constitutional duty.

Old pap and I promise to do all we can to help make this change, and we try not to make promises in the spirit of the old Idiot.

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