Blog #157: Another Desperate Plea to The DNC

Y’all will find this hard to believe, but old pappy and I were not invited to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night. Now, our illustrious “president” was invited, but declined the invitation, instead sending Kelly Anne and Sarah to represent him. Then, he complained bitterly about the harsh comments directed to poor old Sarah – this complaining from a fellow who regularly treats those correspondents (and anyone else in his sight) to the meanest slanderous insults possible. Michelle Wolf was a bit over the top on Sarah, but she applied her roasting to just about everyone in the entire gathering, and roasts went out with Dean Martin for goodness sakes. Besides Sarah is only parroting the boss’s “alternative facts.”

Well, anywho, the old Moron instead went to “rally” way up in Washington Township, Michigan; a clever idea allowing him to declare that he’d much rather be in Washington, MI than in Washington, D.C! Up there, among his adoring con subjects, he proceeded to wallow in his version of narcissistic self-adoration for nearly two full hours, with good old Fox “news” broadcasting every minute of it. His advance team even got the crowd chanting when he took full credit for the current North/South Korea detente, and helped the local folks understand by stating, “Nobel.”

Now, the only reason I’m mentioning the Michigan con job is because old pap and I are hoping you feckless Demoblicans were watching the old fool. Yes, he’s a ridiculous braggart , but he is talking to the “people!” Michelle made one good analogy during her over-loaded “roasting,” she said, “Wow, Trump went all the way to Russia, but Hillary didn’t even go to Michigan!” Hopefully, you sad sack Demoblicans will get out all over the country with a POSITIVE message… dissing the old Moron ain’t enough! We promised to give you some pointers, and are working on them as we speak…please watch for your snail mail and email, we’re sending some suggestions for your “platform” to everyone we think might give a hoot. As we’ve mentioned before, you guys are our only hope at this critical moment, so, you’ve got to get out and talk to the folks. Please!!

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