Blog #160: President (?) Donald J. Trump

Will someone please get this poor, sick old fool into a hospital before he hurts himself and millions of other people?

Thanks for nothing you spineless Republicrats.

  Please, you feckless Demoblicans don’t blow this one!

We warned my legions of faithful readers many moons ago that the poor old fellow sees North Korea as his “Ace in the Hole,” and it appears that to an insane old narcissist it matters not if he uses it for a Nobel Peace Prize or another exciting new war.


Old pap and I will be sending out our list of positive steps to save our good old USofA early next week. We had hoped to complete the task this week, but two old dogs are not your most efficient team!


Treat yourself to a real gag fest tomorrow. Tucker Carlson, who we first met on the Fox and Friends morning “news” show (is that a string of oxymorons or what) now has his own evening show, and he goes on proving that he is just as stupid and ignorant as ever. This young dude is enough to gag a maggot, as the old saying goes.

Cheers, Buster and old pap.

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