Blog #165: Killing 2 Boids With One Stone

Even using some Charm City humor doesn’t really soften this old saying. It’s origin goes way back to the 1600’s, and while it certainly is an unkind old adage, it is used often, probably because it conveys the extreme difficulty of solving two intractable problems with the same solution.

So, what problems are we talking about? How about our horrible drug addiction problem, which our illustrious “leader” blames on our Mexican friends, and our immigration situation, which, characteristically, he blames on all the wrong parties. Old pap and I have a proposition: Stop Big Pharma from flooding the country with their terribly addictive “pills,” and incentivizing doctors and pharmacists to “push” the darned things. Oh, yes, I mentioned this many moons ago, too; stop the advertising of drugs on the old telly (that simple step helped a lot with cigarettes)!

You see, it’s Big Pharma which gets us good old Amuricans hooked on their addictive drugs, and then we go out on the street to find the illegal bad stuff. One thing leading to another, as is often the case, our purchases on the street fuel the illegal drug production south of our border together with the concurrent phenomena of drug gangs and their violence. The violence, of course, is what is driving these desperate people to come to our border seeking asylum. So, surprise, Mr. smart guy Prez, it turns out that our immigration crisis, as well as our drug problem, is of our own making! Who woulda thunk it?

Now, we’re all well aware of your aversion to truth and reason, “Boss,” but it would appear that you could solve two of our seemingly uncontrollable problems, perhaps with a stroke or two of your trusty pen on one of those big beautiful “executive orders” of yours. Gosh, think of all the money you can save if we don’t need that pesky wall, also. You’ll be “killing two boids with one stone,” and saving money, too!

Thanks, chief, and legalizing cannabis nationwide might make you more popular, as well!

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  1. Good stuff, ‘Bus. Too bad our current POTUS couldn’t find truth and reason if it landed on his hair implants and built a nest there 🙂


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