Blog #166: Another Urgent, Nay! CRUCIAL PLEA!

It now seems that every day brings news of impending disaster; You name it, the deficit, civil rights, the environment…our morose moron at 1600 PA Avenue, together with his Republicrat enablers and his Fox “news” promoters, is driving our old “ship of state” into turbulent waters with no regard for consequences. There can be no question, at least in the minds of citizens of good faith, that the control of our Congress must be wrested away from these people who have surrendered all their principals to join the awful cult of a madman.

Hence, the first half of my plea today is directed to the Demoblicans, particularly the sadly disillusioned DNC: STOP trying to compete with the old fool in the areas of sloganeering, and nastiness. Slogans are the stock-in-trade of an unscrupulous con artist, and he wrote the book on uncouth language and behavior! He, of course, came up with the gem, “MAGA,” for igniting the fears and prejudices of the two fifths of our undereducated and misled populace who believe that our dear old USofA has always been great. [Editor’s Note: We’ve explained in past blogs that our old “doughboys” and “GI’s” performed very well in WWI and WWII, and we don’t recall any idiots calling them “warriors” back then! Plus, we rebuilt Europe (including Germany) and Japan, and then got the United Nations going. All a rather uncharacteristic surge of greatness ] Hillary’s “Stronger Together” was snappy, but unfocused, and your current “Resist” begs to be distorted, which he has done in spades, turning it into “obstruction.” He’s cleverly taken the wicked impeding of legislation for eight years by the Republicrats during the Obama administration, and shackled it to your efforts to stop his assaults on our liberties and our institutions of government. Please stop trying to compete on the Moron’s level.

We are in complete agreement that this rascal is the meanest individual that any of us are ever likely to meet or even hear of, but ascribing his loathsome qualities to his supporters, as old Hillary tried with her “deplorables” comment is just plain stupid. You guys are going to have to shut your mouths if you even think of saying stuff as insensitive as dear old Maxine Waters, encouraging the faithful to get in the faces of Tronald Dump’s official helpers. Also, for goodness sakes don’t be calling his friends names such as Naxis. These provocations only tend to fire up the poor misguided souls, and will cause them to be sure to show up at the polls in November to vote against you all. So, mum’s the word.

The second part of our CRUCIAL PLEA relates to attitude and message. Now, of course, the unscrupulous old fool and his coconspirators do need to be “resisted,” but you old Demoblicans need to stop “resisting” to the exclusion of talking a SENSIBLE AGENDA! As I’ve tried to encourage you for a while, put out a SOUND POSITIVE MESSAGE, for lands’ sake! That little girl up in NYC, has the right idea. Now, Alexandria, and good old Bernie, for that matter, have a bit of an “image” problem with many of us good old Amuricans. We’ve been conditioned to think of “socialism” as some sort of plague that those feriners are planning to unleash on us. Actually, Capitalism and Socialism are merely concepts for assembling and utilizing our resources. Neither concept is perfect (surprise!). Capitalism, if not carefully controlled is capable of massive harm, for example, the Great Depression, which, unfortunately, none of us here now can truly remember, and we are nearing the edge of another such precipice.

If our citizenry gets down to thinking, it will become clear, also, that Socialism isn’t so bad. After all, our public schools, mass transit systems, police, fire departments, national parks, and many other wonderful things we all enjoy every day are all part of the concept of Socialism. So, old Bernie, young Alexandria, and other socialist-leaning folks must just keep their salt shakers handy! The critical thing is for you old Demoblicans to spend all your energies in the effort of winning in the midterm elections.

Old pap and I gave you a list of measures which should be fairly popular that you can use to advocate in my Blog 18/6/2 – Ideas for Saving Our Dear Old USofA – 1 June 2018.

Please, take this list of ideas, and start talking about how you will implement them when you gain control. You can promise Medicare for All because you’ll reduce the cost of real health care immediately. You can also promise all the kids a good college education or various skills training because they will have earned it by doing their National Service stint. You’ll save hundreds of $Billions by controlling the awfully wasteful Military/Industrial Complex, and you can guarantee economic security when you put sensible controls on the Wall Street Banks, avoiding the next financial meltdown (which currently is just around the corner). Oh, yes, don’t forget to repeal “Citizens United,” and get BIG MONEY out of politics! Ya know, DOLLAR BILLS, just like the Moron, DO NOT HAVE EVEN TINY LITTLE HEARTS!! It’s simple, really! Just win as the old fool suggests, and then you can get him into an institution where he belongs!

Don’t trust to luck, get out with your constituents as Alexandria has shown you,

Bus and old pap


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