Blog #176: Highest Court in the Land

Well, Kiddos, it would appear that we’ve nearly made it through “hump day” once more, but tomorrow promises to be a wing-dinger! Not only is our dear old beloved Moron thinking (ya know how scary it is when he tries to thimk) of disbanding our entire Department of Justice, but that austere group of Senators on the Judiciary Committee has employed a cheerful lady attorney who happens to be a sex crimes prosecutor to grill (er… question) Christine Ford, Judge Kavanaugh’s “accuser.” Then, either the nice lady or the very nice Senators will lob some “softballs” over to Judge K. BTW: He’s already had a practice session with his loving wife at his side on good old Fox “news” the other day during which he out-sincered good old “Honest Abe” Mikey Pence. He very credibly stated that he never had sexual intercourse, or anything like it, in either High School or College or for many years thereafter. His performance there on Fox was enough to bring tears to the eyes of grown men, and we imagine those very serious Senators will be impressed tomorrow, as well. Of course, the “President” says it’s all a “big, fat Demoblican con job”, and he certainly is an expert on those “jobs.”

There are many children growing up in our Nation’s Capital. A few of these kids are raised in the proverbial “lap of luxury,” but many more are born and live in what could only be called “abject poverty.” The good Judge, who grew up in D.C. (we’ll let you guess which group he’s from), is now seeking to “clear his good name,” but not with any help from the FBI. We don’t know at this point whether or not his “good name” will be cleared, but his apparent desire to avoid any investigation of the alleged transgressions tends to beg a rhetorical question: Do we really want a fellow who apparently believes in Mr. Dump’s conspiracy theory about the “Deep State” sitting in judgement on the Supreme Court of our good old USofA?

Golly, this situation seems to have caused dear Kelly Ann to have lost control of the “BIG” guy, as well as her famed “alternative facts.” If dear little Kelly Ann is to stop the stupid, ugly tweeting, she may need to break his tiny, fat fingers!

Every time we think things can’t get any worse, the old fool and his congressional accomplices fire up more ugliness. Come on you wild and crazy Demoblicans, pull your act together, and explain how you are going to right our old ship of state. You have our explicit permission to use any and all of our ideas from my Blog 18/6/2, Ideas For Saving Our Dear Old USofA, and we’ll waive royalties!

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