Blog #175: Obama Speech & NYT Op Ed -Yikes

Gosh, good old Prez Obama came out of hibernation to opine on the damage being done by the current administration in the name of the poor old GOP. The old Moron’s retort was that he “fell asleep.” He was probably not alone! First, we thought that Obama’s comments were excessively scholarly, but not all that terribly critical of our beloved Moron. Unfortunately, Obama spoke on for way too long for almost any old Amurican to stay completely awake, and, of course, the Trump attention span is notably short. Well, fortunately, the next day he went to Anaheim, CA to help boost a few Demoblican candidates, and toned down his rhetoric to decent street level, plus not mentioning the Moron again.

The point being not so much about Mr. Trump’s lack of interest in anything but his lunatic tweeting, but that spokespersons for the Demoblican agenda must be a good deal more concise than Prez. Obama’s first dissertation! If you notice, the Trump “rally” speeches use words and grammar typical of 5th grade elementary students, and his audiences eat it up. Now, old pap and I believe the “average” good old Amurican is capable of a bit higher level of discourse, but articulation doesn’t need to be on a PhD level, either. So, I guess our caution here to you exuberant Demoblicans is just to use the old “KISS principal, Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Plus, by all means, get yer ducks in a row on the good you will do!

Seriously, you wild and crazy old Demoblicans need to stop talking about “impeachment” (do you want the stock markets to crash, as predicted by the old Moron?), and the “25th Amendment” (would you really wish to see old “honest abe” Pence in the Oval Office?). Please, try to forget Tronald Dump for the time being, and just keep focused on winning in November!

Concerning the now infamous NYT’s anonymous Op Ed…That bit could have been an elaborate scheme concocted right there in the warped mind of the old Moron! He obviously couldn’t have penned it by himself, though, as he’s incapable of composing any more than a poorly constructed simple sentence with a couple of spelling errors. If that old fellow is anything, he certainly is the cleverest, most devious con man ever to come down the pike. So, he may very well have devised the whole Op Ed scheme in an attempt to discredit the Bob Woodward book, and make it look to be no more than the gripes of the evening cleaning crew, angry at having to pick up scads of Mickey D burger wrappings and empty plastic soda cups. However, the old fool is pretending to be really upset, and, if it weren’t for old Mad-Dog Mattis, he’d have a platoon of marines haul everyone out of the White House to a camp for “enhanced” interrogation.

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