Buster’s Blog 185 – “Press Conferences” – 10 November 2018

There’s an awful lot of stuff that my old pappy and I don’t have a clue about. One thing in particular is absolutely beyond our comprehension – why in the world do any news organizations’ reporters attend these farcical gatherings at the White House? These sessions are basically useless because our beloved old Moron either doesn’t answer a question or just tells one of his infamous BIG FIBS. Now, since the poor old Demoblicans have taken over the House of Representatives, he’s gotten more defensive and grumpy than usual. Yesterday, he verbally assaulted one young reporter, telling her that her question was really stupid, and that she asks a lot of stupid questions.

There is no question that his EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome) has gotten to a critical stage. We can only hope that old Mad Dog Mattis can keep his Big Red Button out of his reach until he can be committed to an appropriate and safe institution!

Good grief, is there no limit to the mischief this old fool will attempt to fester.

I and ole pap intend to follow our own advice to the old Demoblicans, and forget old Tronald Trump for a while. Instead, we plan to contact as many as possible of the newly minted members of the House with encouragement and helpful info on getting our good old USofA back on track after two years of the worst leadership imaginable. We’ll also encourage all our citizens of good will to contact their reps, and ask that they work together to save our good old country from the terrible divide which has been allowed to grow to a level not seen since the conditions leading to the Civil War.

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