Buster’s Blog 184 – Democracy??? – 7 November 2018

Well, the folks have voted, and half are mad, and half are disappointed. That’s our Democracy – don’t let anybody smile!

Buster and his old pappy say, “Thank god (wherever she is) for small favors, at least our Congress is now split!”

Now, hopefully, those dimms (that’s the Moron’s name for the Demoblicans, and he, as usual, has a tiny nugget of truth in there) will forget the old fool for a while, and let Mr. Mueller take care of him and his many shameful deceits! One thing is for sure, the Moron’s deluded supporters will never be convinced to stop believing his fibs; hey, if they don’t care that he likes to grab ladies where he shouldn’t, what would they care about? Loverly! Many of those poor folks call themselves Christians; wonder what old Christ would think of that?

Well, we’ll leave all that to the scholars. For now, WHAT should those hapless dimms try to do? We think they might try to come up with a unifying platform of positive things (please refer to my Blog 162, Ideas to Save Our good old USofA) to push for now that they have control of the “House.” While they are at it, it would be a splendid idea to try to do away with the “Senate!” That institution is based on the stupid belief that the minority opinions should have (actually more) weight than the majority. Also, understandably so, that elite chamber is filled with grouchy old white men who would like to see our poor old country turned into Hitler’s Germany. Between them and the Moron at 1600 PA Avenue, the whacko’s have been energized to a degree never seen before!

Come on, you feckless Demoblicans, try to do some good stuff!

PS: Today, continuing his slow-motion version of tricky dick’s saturday night massacre, the old fool has finally fired poor old Jeff Sessions. Just as you would expect the cornered rat to do, he is scrambling to stop the inevitable. Almost laughingly, the “fake” newsies were aghast at his not personally asking Jeff for his resignation, but telling his chief of staff to do it. Please spare us the thought that this sad excuse for a human being could ever act in a civil manner.

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