Buster’s Blog (From the Great Doggie Park in the Sky) – Bamboozled, again! 29 December 2018

Feeling much trepidation, Buster has turned over the reins to his procrastinating old pappy. He really had no alternative, since the only living human bean with whom they will allow him to directly communicate is the old feller! So, here goes nothing:

You poor, dim establishment Demoblicans have done it again; you let the old Moron completely out-flank you! We all awakened this sad Saturday morning to learn that our crazy old Moron has announced that he, stewing in his own grief down there in the White House, has successfully flipped his offer to take the blame, and is willing to COMPROMISE, and take “half a loaf.”

Chuck, you, of all people, should know better, you’re a New Yorker and have been watching the old con man for decades!

Now, Nancy, horribly unfortunately, you have put your “speakership” ahead of common sense and the public good – we Baltimorons are not surprised since you learned your lessons well from your old Dad, who was one of the biggest crooks in Merryland history.

Bernie, you are not even a feckless Demoblican, but you still couldn’t come up with a solution. Shame on ya! Sending out emails to your former supporters, “If I run!” You must be joking!

Seriously, old Buster wisely renamed your parties years ago. Of course, the Republicrats have long since totally capitulated to the wiliness of the old Moron, entirely forgetting their principles of fiscal responsibility and the rule of law. Now, you foolish Demoblicans are failing to understand the mid-term election results. We, the voters, want your new, younger and more sensible (and less politically, ugh, adept) winners. Y’all are going to have to listen to what they are saying, or, horrors, the Moron will rule until you wise up!

This ain’t rocket science, get a positive message! Again, Buster’s Blog #18-6-2, “Ideas for saving our good old USofA” can help you!

Snail mail copies will be sent to Chuck, Nancy, the DNC, and old Bernie, since they are probably not tech savvy enough to read Buster’s Blog!

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