Buster’s Blog Beyond #9 – Mueller Probe Completed – 29 March 2019

Holy Guacamole, pappy, I just realized you hadn’t posted a comment since March Forth (Army Day)! I figured I’d best get down here and lend a hand (or paw, as the case may be). Don’t worry; ole Sheppy fixed my bunk to appear I’m all snuggled up in there! (O:

You’re right, Buster, yer old pappy misses ya more than he lets on. Bad stuff has been happening so fast, it’s hard for an old dude to keep up. I guess you heard that Mr. Mueller completed his investigation, and turned his report over to Mr. Barr, but, of course, “individual 1,” the primary culprit, and his accomplices are intent on insuring it never sees the light of day! Since Mr. Mueller left final conclusions to those reading the facts therein, the old madman, along with his “news” organization, Fox, is promoting the conspiracy theory that it was the FBI, not the Ruskies, who interfered in the 2016 election. That goofball, Hannity, on his propaganda show last night, was claiming to have been right along…it’s the fake mainstream media that was spreading all the big fibs about the Prez.

In the meantime, good old General Bone Spur has been fouling up just about everything he can think of. Our poor old environment has been taking bad hits since he got control of the EPA, and now he and his cohorts think they can finally destroy the Affordable Health Care Act. His trade war tariffs have negatively affected our trade deficit to historic levels instead of reducing them, and caused GM to close one of their Ohio plants due to the higher costs of steel and aluminum. Plus, his “wonderful” tax cuts have ballooned our national debt to a record $22 Trillion, with no end in sight!

Good Grief, pap, I can see that I’m gonna have to spend a lot more time helping ya offset all these inane executive initiatives! Those hapless old Demoblicans are gonna need all the help they can get to save our good old USofA from the idiocy of our beloved old moron and his enabling Republicrats. Go ahead and finish up this lil note on the “Mueller report.” It’s probably gonna run us over our 1 page limit, though!

Yeah, the old fool is doing victory laps around the Capitol, screaming, “I’m completely and totally exonerated!” Well, maybe more like a mini-lap!

This crazy old dude reminds one of the old Kingston Trio song, “The Man Who Never Returned.”

…” Well, did he ever return?
No he never returned and his fate is still unlearned (what a pity)
He may ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston
He’s the man who never returned… “

For the Trumpster, we revise a tad:

…”Well, will he ever get caught?
No, he’s never been caught, and his life is all for naught (yes, a pity)
He may fib forever from the good old White House,
He’s the man who never got caught…

When it comes to Con Artistry, this energetic lad causes good ole Tricky Dick and younger Slick Willie to appear to be just bumbling clods. (O:

Gosh, Buster, the old rascal was correct, when he said, “I could shoot and kill someone on 5th Avenue, and get away with it.” At least, that’s true as far as his poor old conned believers are concerned. You had the right idea when you decided some months ago to forget about him, and concentrate on helping the poor old hapless Demoblicans take over our Congress. They listened (to a degree) and talked good policies, and won the House of Reps last year. Now, hopefully, they will listen again, and take over the Senate.

I’ll be encouraging them to follow your example and just try to “contain” our beloved moron until he can be voted out in 2020. Ugh, that’s a long, miserable time! We gave them free rein to use your Blog #162, Ideas for Saving Our Dear Old USofA, and will continue urging them to try to get our old citizenry to understand the meaning and use of “Socialist” ideas right here in the USofA. (see Buster’s Blog Beyond – Halt The Madness, Puhleez from 17 Jan. 2019)

Buster, it’s going to take all of your Hound Doggie Ingenuity to figure out a way to save those poor deluded souls who watch Fox tv and listen to so-called “right wing” radio to come to their senses and understand the real crisis here in our dear old country. Our crisis is the division and hatred promoted by these “news” people telling nothing but lies 24/7/365, and spreading fear and hatred to whomever watches or listens to their daily diatribe.

I hear what yer sayin’, pappy, I think it would take a whole bunch of Basset Hounds to ascertain if those fools or the Prez tell more fibs in a given day!

Howsomever, we can’t give up trying.

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