Buster’s Blog Beyond – CPAC Speech – UGH! – Army Day, March Forth! 2019

Is it possible to shout for 2&1/2 hours, without uttering even one truth?

The sad, sick man who is masquerading as our president ranted and raved to a mesmerized crowd of totally conned partisans until he began hyperventilating. I can’t imagine how you were able to watch it, pop. Well, to tell you the truth, Buster, I was getting rather nauseated. When you diagnosed him with EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome) many moons ago, the psychiatrists were unable to assess his condition without an examination. Now, the “white house doctor” claims he’s in perfect health! This is a criminal act, allowing a mentally ill monster to continue in the most powerful role in the world. We can only hope that old Mad Dog Mattis disarmed his “Bigger than Kim’s Big Red Button!”

He stomped through his many complaints, spittle flying, of unfair treatment by “the enemies of the people.” First, the economy…awful before he came, now wonderful for everyone, except the “never trumpers,” they’re all on “mouth to mouth resuscitation!” Now, we have the most people working ever…he didn’t say how the ones who are working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet are affecting his numbers. Then, on to the our military, one of “General Bone Spur’s” favorite subjects, and how we are taking good care of our veterans, now. Oddly, he doesn’t use the first person when speaking of the military. A possible tinge of guilt…does he know the word? On and on, he droned, bashing everyone; even lamenting that he had already ruined “Pocahontas’s” political career too soon, as he’d love to run against her! Yes, Bus, he did mention that he waited all alone in the White House while the Dems were vacationing down in the sunny Caribbean.

The poor old fool even went back to his “inaugural crowd” photographs, which he now claims were taken before his many supporters arrived. So sick and sad!

Most dangerously, he reminded the CPAC audience how he has vowed that his beloved Amurica will never be a Socialist Nation, citing, again, Venezuela as an awful example. Maduro, possibly the only Dictator he doesn’t love, is not a Socialist. He also stated that Socialism is power to the Ruling Class, meaning who knows what?. Well, our Ruling Class here in the good old USofA is “Him with the Gold makes the Rules!,” and our “Hims” sure ain’t Socialists! Unfortunately, good old Amuricans tend to equate Socialism with Communism, and our poor old Demoblicans are too inept to correct this false impression, despite all our help. I don’t know, pop, is there any hope? Well, it’s not much, but we have hit most of the “high spots” of the CPAC Horror Show in one page!

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