Buster’s Blog Beyond #11 – Our First Fool Continues to Disrupt – 8 April 2019

Gosh, it appears to have been a relatively quiet weekend for our dear old Great Pretender (remember that swell song by the Platters). At least we haven’t heard of any tweet storms attacking old departed John! That’s not to say the lad wasn’t busy though, flying all over the country in AF1. He began by reiterating his warning that he wasn’t fooling around about his self-generated border crisis, but he’d very thoughtfully decided to grant Mexico’s President one year to get the immigration thing in order before he would completely close our southern border. We heard that good old Johnny Cornyn of the great state of Texas together with dear old Mitch, the Mafia Master, were able to convince him that his intuitively genius plan might disrupt commerce enough to cause significant economic distress to Texas and other border states. So, then he spent some quality time with the border patrol troops before flying to Vegas to assure Republicrat Jewish Coalition Conference attendees that he had their back, also, and would help his pal, Bibi maintain his grip. Seems some of Bibi’s constituents in the Israel enclave have tired of his warmongering and various scandals, and are now threatening to replace him in the upcoming elections.

Ho Boy, on Sunday, the Mar A Lago duffers were able to breath a sigh of relief since the old boy decided to spare them, and just play a “round” over at his club in Virginia. Concurrently, a new Trumpian Era expose became available for our bookshelves titled, “Commander in Cheat,” detailing his “golf game,” such as it is. No longer will we need to wonder, “how bad can it be?” The author, Rick Reilly, describes therein a nearly unbelievable bastardization of the old Royal and Ancient game. The old guy’s unsavory habits displayed in his businesses seems to extend to his leisure activities. Wow, think of your worst round, and then add a playing partner who lost his rule book and cheats in every way possible! You’ll wind up in bed shivering and clutching my old pappy’s tiny tome, “No Mulligans, No Gimmies, No Muffelettas!”

Goodness, then that sweet lady, Kierstjen Nielsen, up and quit. Makes ya kind of wonder if he was up to his infamous “grabbing them” tricks; that girl was sort of cute and he has an affinity for Norway.

Not sick yet? Well, on Monday he declared the Iranian Guard (army) a foreign terrorist organization, and Iran returned the favor to our military. Diplomacy be damned, full speed ahead!

Thanks, pap, for inviting me to slip down and put together this lil blog. Ughs!

Opps, hold on, pap, Our old First Fool’s on a roll. He just fired his Director of Secret Service, ole “Tex” Alles! Recalling back when old General Kelly reportedly dubbed the boss an Idiot, he may not have realized how expensive an Idiot we had on our hands. I guess now the old fool thinks “Tex” hasn’t adequately fortified his golf courses, and any other places where he may decide to conduct his official govamint business. Yikes!

OK, pap, I’m outa here before he finds out ole Mikey Pence has been trying out his office chair.

Next week, hopefully, we’ll take a look at what’s left of the “Administrative” branch.

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