Buster’s Blog Beyond #12 – Yer Tax Deadline is Here! – 15 April 2019

I know we were supposed to be talking about the Administration Remains this week, pap, but let’s hit this rather important topic, first. Yer correct, Bus, and first we need to congratulate our good old Amurican public (most of them, anyhow) for their willingness to honestly support their government and it’s missions. It’s of course imperative that a country be funded by it’s citizenry, and it appears that our good old USofA is almost unique in that our folks (with a few notable exceptions) may gripe a bit, but still tend to pay their share of the tax burden honestly and promptly. Considering that fact, it’s amazing that there isn’t a more massive protest about our so-called leader refusing to release his tax returns; this must be just one more example of his knack for the con-artistry tactic of obfuscation. Oh well, let’s send a tremendous Thank You to the preponderance of decent, honest residents who will have paid their fair share by today!

Ho Boy, as we’ve had to say way too many times, can our nasty old Commander in Cheat get any worse? Well, perhaps his most egregious offense of late (an impeachable one were we blessed with a saner set of Senators) was his offer to pardon the Customs and Border Protection Chief if he breaks the the immigration laws, “just for the Gipper!” Apparently, he believes doing this stuff openly in broad daylight will insulate him from prosecution, and, unfortunately, so far it has! About the same time, while firing old “Tex” Alles, he treated him to one of his signature nicknames, calling Tex, “Dumbo.” He’s got a kind word for everyone!

The old con man’s stupidity seems endless. His recent tweet storm was a condemnation of lil Rep. Ilhan Omar about her, admittedly offensive and not well thought out comment re: the 9/11 attacks. Her feelings can be understood, though, in the context of anti-american/muslim sentiment and attacks after 9/11. Good old Bernie called Trump’s tweet, “disgusting and dangerous!” Of course, Bernie called the old fool out as a fraud back in ’15 (show’s to go, “you can’t fool all the people, all the time.”). Rep. Omar’s attitude is probably reflecting of the horrors our almost constant warring in Iraq and other mideast lands has visited upon muslim and other peoples. We have certainly not been “clean as a hound’s tooth,” in our international relations in recent years, even before the advent of the Trumpian Era of “hard-nose” “diplomacy.”

Yikes, as old Pogo stated many moons ago, “we has met the enemy, and he is us!” Now, comes good old NPR with the story about the Chinese hacking our technology being known for quite some time, but not addressed because our very own Big Corporate leaders weren’t willing to come forward. Seems they were willing to put their corporate profits and their enormous bonuses above the interests of our good old USofA. Mercy, can you believe that? Suppose this type reporting has anything to do with those Republicrats wanting to shut down NPR?

Oh, yes, the old Fibber in Chief also stated that he prefers to have “acting” heads for his Cabinet Posts; “he has more flexibility that way.” Yep, and this Billy Barr fellow seems to fit that “flexibility” format very well. He told the Congressional panel trying to learn what Mr. Mueller’s report really said, that he “thinks” there was “spying” (supposedly done by that mysterious “Deep State”) on the Trump campaign. This treachery, of course, was committed while they were supposedly investigating the Russian interference with our election. He didn’t offer any evidence, just his gut feeling. Sound familiar? Whoa, flexible…Nominee for the FED Board, Stephen Moore, was found in contempt of court in 2012 for failing to pay over $340K in spousal and child support. He also owes some $75K in back taxes to the IRA! (The Week mag)

Our belovedly mean old Moron being ensconced down there at 1600 PA Ave. is undoubtedly truly horrifying, but even worse is the specter of one third of our patriotic citizens who are not knowledgeable enough to have avoided being completely bamboozled by this truth-challenged old con artist.

Gosh, while our morality conscience old Republicrats seem to poo poo any suggestion that the Prez’s bad behavior has any effect on our certified whackos doing bad things, right-wing broadcaster, Alex Jones, said he repeatedly called the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a “giant hoax” because he suffered from “a form of psychosis” that made him think “everything was staged.” Good Grief, this looney toon’s worth $10 Mill. (Noted from pap’s fav mag, “The Week”)

Hey, Kiddos, we were actually able to find some GOOD NEWS for ya! Had to travel a tad to find it, but over in Bratislava, Slovakia, an environmental and anti- corruption activist was sworn in this week as Slovakia’s first female president! Zuzana Caputava, 45, is a liberal lawyer nicknamed “the Slovak Erin Brockovich” for her successful 14-year lawsuit to block a toxic landfill in her hometown.
(article partially lifted from, again, ole pap’s fav mag, “The Week”)

“Y’all take care now, y’hear,” old pappy and Buster (in absentia) (1}

Famous sign-off used by a colorful old Merryland politician.

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