Buster’s Blog Beyond #18 – Labor Day & Other Bunk – 2 September 2019

Buster, old lad, here we have arrived at Labor Day again, and as is the case with all other “revered” holidays here in our dear old USofA, the observance has been degraded to a shopping brawl by our consumption-crazed populace. I must confess, I ordered a couple of things from that pillar of commercial integrity, Amazon, this morning, myself. It’s beginning to appear that the only escape is to move on to your new digs, the Great Doggie Park in the Sky!

Well, pappy, it is a sad state of affairs that this particular holiday has lost any useful significance because our laborers have become just another cheap commodity for our over-grown corporations to exploit. The near-demise of our once important labor unions is just one example of the willful ignorance of our “leaders” and most citizens, and its deleterious effects on our institutions and society.

Hang on now, young campers, there’s a yuge chunk-o-history comin’ atcha in the abbreviated fashion of “tweeters” now in vogue for our vastly diminished attention spans: Ya see, we don’t think anyone really knows just how long it’s been since we human beans stopped crawling around on our bellies like a reptile, but it’s been quite a while, for sure! Amazingly, we still haven’t learned to live together with each other and the rest of Mum Natures creatures. Yer right, pap, us “dumb” animules have stuck to “nature,” while you two-legged rascals have tried to alter it, and what a mess that’s made! Very little progress has been made over many millennia.

Then, it seems that the early European settlers coming to the Americas, mainly English here in North America, weren’t very “nice” to anyone. They killed off as many “natives” as they could, and imprisoned the rest (on “reservations”), and then imported Africans for slave labor, and treated later immigrants very badly, as well!

Pappy, I remember your telling me about how things were when you were a very young dude, over a century after the civil war had ended the institution of slavery here in our good old USofA, but not it’s effects and practices. Somehow as a little kid, you learned little “ditties” such as, “eenie, meenie, minie, moe, catch a nigger by the toe; if he hollers, let him go.” Yikes, that was a little while back, but it shows how the ugly effects of our slave period have continued to diminish the status of African Americans. Of course, many of the “Make America Great Again” followers of our illustrious prez wish to extend this “second tier” status to all who are not pure “white.” Or even “send them back to their “shit-hole” places!
That about sums up our mini “history” lesson (not exactly the one you probably heard in grade school)! Occasionally we have appeared to be making a tiny bit of progress, but now old fools such as our beloved Moron (please refer to blog beyond #17)Buster’s Blog Beyond #17 – What’s to be done? –  18 August 2019 and his many pals are working hard at reversing that.

So, here on another Labor Day, ending a very hot “globally warmed” summer, we don’t have much to celebrate anyway. Pap, you were reading that the NY Times will be running a series of articles titled, “The 1619 Project,” apparently claiming that slavery was a defining factor in the forming of our “imperfect” union. It would seem that this approach might only be accentuating our old maniac’s fictional reality. Fact is, our dear old country has a long history of nastiness toward almost everybody who didn’t arrive here on the Mayflower, which too many of us either don’t know, or just wish to ignore!

Well, Buster, old pardner, we’ve always found comfort in listening to our artist friends, so I’ve added a few lines from the Merry Minuet, that classic from the Kingston Trio: “The whole world is festering with unhappy souls. The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles. Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch. And I don’t like anybody very much!”
It’s a lame excuse, but I guess we old Amuricans are not alone is demonstrating the innate animosities of us human beans!

Hopefully, unless we happen to be totally brain-washed by the constant subliminal messaging from our beloved tellys and the so-called modern “social media,” we may be able to comprehend the need to end the old fool’s alternative reality, and the sooner, the better!

Buster & pap

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