Buster’s Blog Beyond #17 – What’s to be done? –  18 August 2019

Buster, old dawg, yer old pappy is certainly not what one would call, very reliable, any longer.  I hear ya, “if he ever was!” (O:  Moving back across the fruited plain has taken a toll, but it’s still nice to be back here in Charm City (ya know that’s the “nick-name” the old Moron has given our fair homeland when he was lavishing praise upon our old town).  So, I apologize, and will try to get your old blog fired up again…yes, we got work to do!


Old Henry called the election of OUR BELOVED MORON way back in 1920!

OUR – Because we somehow “elected” him, for better or worse (so far the “better” has been virtually invisible) he’s all ours!

BELOVED – Only some kind of blind love could cause so many (almost a third of our voting population) to ignore his horrible behavior, and still worship him!

You can look up Mr. Webster’s definition of “Moron.”  Our favorite is from our trusty ‘puter:  “Noun – informal – a stupid person.   Origin: Early 20th Century (as a medical term denoting an adult with a mental age of about 8 to 12)”

Well, Buster, my good lad, What’s to be done?  Yep, that’s a fine idea:  From here to November, 2020, we’ll spend 100% of our time helping the Demoblicans, and hopefully, all good intentioned folk will join us!  I remember when, several years ago, you renamed the parties because, at that time, you were unable to find a farthing’s worth of difference between them.  Yikes, has that changed!  The old Demoblicans still have a long way to go, which we can explain in coming blogs, but those poor old Republicrats have been totally conned by the Moron.  Now, we must say they have been very “willing” victims, and they are happily helping him destroy our environment as well as our fiscal health, and general well-being.

So, there’s no question that our only hope for our dear old USofA, as well as our poor old Mother Earth, is to get him and his enabling rascals out of office!

In Congress, July 4, 1776, The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen United States was ended with the following pledge by the signers:

“We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

Well, pappy, of course I’m only an old hound dog, and now I’m up here in the Great Doggie Park, but I believe that exact pledge needs to be made now, by every citizen of our dear old USofA who cares about the future of our country and world!

Buster and his old pappy


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  1. Hey Walt, you old dog, it’s good to see you out there in blog land once again. We miss having you around back here in ‘old Le Bois. I thought of you last week as I attended a baseball game with a fellow Baltimoran. Nice guy. Anyway, I hope you’re settling in well in your new/old home. And I agree – let’s vote this joker out next November!


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