Buster’s Blog Beyond #20 – Geniuses – Yikes! – 11 September 2019

Holy Guacamole, pappy, do you think anyone will recognize this cheerful idiot?







He’s the southern hemisphere duplicate of our very own insecure maniac (who, BTW is rallying right here in Charm City tomorrow, ugh)
Yes, he’s that madman who’s been torching the rain forest while his orange-haired brother-in-crime up here in Amurica is trying to destroy everything else!





Trump Pants On Fire! w-sm.jpgCome on Buster, we’re outa here!

1 Comment

  1. It’s a disturbing trend, these so-called “populists,” who, ironically, are anything but democratic, and seem to be driven by ideology more than reason. I’m afraid the world is moving in the wrong direction right now, and if it isn’t corrected, it will lead us to disaster.


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