Buster’s Blog Beyond #21 – Old Baltimore gets Prez raves!?! – 9/19/19

Hey, pappy, our dear old Prez is really taking an interest in yer dear old town, and had so many nice things to say about it recently (guess it’s all part of his generous plan to help our long-suffering big cities, fixing problems such as homelessness, which, of course, they all bring upon themselves). Then, just last week, he visited your inner harbor (sort of). Yes, Buster, old dog, it may be that he’s visiting here to try to recruit some of our rodents for filling some of the vacancies in his cabinet, he has such trouble keeping the excellent people he finds for those important jobs. It’s a real shame, because he’s always trying to do his best to help all of his fellow citizens.

Yep, pap, earlier, he was down in Rio Rancho, Arizona, trying to cheer up and win over the latino population there…guess he’s changed his mind about the folks he’s been referring to as murderers, drug dealers, rapists, etc. That’s right, Bus, old boy, our Prez is always open to rethinking his position on important matters if conditions warrant it. What a nimble guy, have ya seen him on the dance floor with Malania?

He sure has a grasp on the economy, too, hasn’t he, pappy? The economy is swinging right along, and his trade war with China is going great. Plus, he’s got the stock markets surging like there’s no tomorrow…just look at what that is doing for your 401K; who needs those old corporate pensions, or even Social Security! Now, if he can only get those “boneheads” at the Fed to get our interest rates down to “0”% or lower, our poor old Bankers can prosper, too. After all, as he’s pointed out, there is no inflation. As a matter of fact our workers’ pay has been declining for a few years, and they should be thankful that he’s trying to keep those south americans out of the country, ‘cause they’ll work for nothing.

Yes, Buster, our old leader is sure genius material! I guess I’m just an old overly-cautious beancounter, though. I still do worry a tad that all his brilliant efforts, such as the big tax cuts and all could overheat things. If there were to be a crash similar to 2008, the Fed hasn’t any tools left to bail us (and those frisky bankers) out again.

Oh, pap, you are a worry-wart, let’s go have a sassparella, and enjoy!

Cheers, folks, Buster (in absentia) and pappy.

He seems confused about which rodents he likes best!

Trump LOOK SQUIRREL! w-sm.jpg

Oh, gosh, pap, we forgot to mention, and he has apparently not been able to decide about bomb, bomb, bombing Iran. As you may recall they are his new “ace-in-the-hole,” ever since someone must have told him that old Kim Jong-un already has nukes. Now that he’s squeezed Iran with sanctions after unilaterally pulling out of the Nuke deal a year ago, and they are striking out against Saudi Arabia, he seems unable to concentrate his attention on the little problems popping up in his well thought-out foreign policy. He’s been out “rallying” and fund raising instead of considering the Supreme Leader’s threat of all out war!

Well, Buster, my lad, I’m afraid we must end this little exercise in sarcasm due to the fact that our beloved old Moron may have finally gotten us to the point of nearing engagement in a horrible war. The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, is possibly every bit as crazy as our old fool. So, it’s impossible to tell where this madness will lead, but it is fairly certain that any actual assault by our military on Iran will result in terribly deadly attacks right here in our USofA, for the first time since our civil war. Our population is surely not prepared for such a catastrophe! Which means we’ll have to hope our remaining military leaders, if he hasn’t fired them all by now, are able to ease him back from the precipice.

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