Buster’s Blog Beyond #26 – Impeachment & 2020 – 20 November 2019

Well, pappy, we’re nearing just a year from the fateful 2020 elections, and all we can do is keep trying to encourage those garbled old Demoblicans. You’re right, Buster, and my worn out old memory chip isn’t helping: last week when you mentioned that a monkey with a tin cup could beat old T. Rump, I had forgotten to ask your brilliant artist if she could illustrate that fact! Ugh!! Fortunately, she has come up with a view of the old fool holding his nemesis on a leash in his own tiny hand! His other tiny hand is busy purloining the monkey’s change. (O;

Trump_Organ_Grinder 2.jpg

Bus, this cheery item was in my Bloomberg news feed:
More millennials in the U.S. are suffering from expensive chronic health problems, like depression, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Well, DUH, right, pap, you’d be crying, too, if ya thought you had another 40 or 50 years to go in this old Vale of Tears! (which has, arguably, become so much worse since that phrase was coined, back during the early scribbling of the Bible)

Correct, Buster, the world is going to heck in a hand basket, and we got to worry about how to get rid of a madman who snuck into the White House! Bizarre!!!

Ya know, your plan to send all of the crazy Demob candidates a copy of your, “Buster’s Two Scents” “An Old Hound Dog’s Thoughts on Economics, Politics, and Beer” is going to cost us a small fortune, but, hopefully it will get their attention, or at least, put them to sleep at night, so they’ll be refreshed each morning in order to thimk a little bit better! Thanks, pappy, you can get back to sleep now! Nite, nite, folks, Bus.

PS: Good grief, pap, I just learned, from your Word genius “Word of the Day,” that the nickname old T. Rump’s partners gave him, Tronald Dump (due to his “dumping” his liabilities on them), is actually a “spoonerism” Who knew?


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