Buster’s Blog Beyond#25 – Another Open Letter to the Demobs – 30 Oct. 2019

Good Grief, can you guys puhleeeze pull yer act together? My old pappy and I have been doin’ some noodling, and we’re reasonably sure that a monkey with a tin cup could beat old T. Rump. So, what in the world is wrong with you guys? The Dumpster wins the support of the hard working, proud, and independent mid-westerners and others, not because they are less educated and stupid, but because he promises to make sure they can keep their guns, their religion, and a little bit of their hard-earned money. You wacko rascals, on the other hand, ignore these good old Amuricans, and, worse, brag about all the ways you can give away their tax money. They have worked hard to earn the money to pay their taxes, and they don’t cotton to anyone spouting big ideas on how to spend it on someone else.

Herein lies the need for my plan for a National Service Requirement for our youngsters. First, they do the service, and then they get the educational benefits, etc. This will make sense to those middle amurica folks! It can work just like the old GI Bill for the returning troops from WWII; now, though, the kids can do their service in the military, or work on our crumbling infrastructure or other urgent needs of our tired old country. Surely, getting our young-uns in shape, teaching them some skills, and letting them go wild on the old roads, bridges, and deteriorated housing will be one heck of a lot less costly than initiating another big corporate boondoggle as the politicians (including T. Rump) have suggested doing.

Well said, Buster, my lad, you’ve already provided to those feckless Demoblicans your plans for a National Service idea for our youngsters, and reforming our Health Care (aka Sick Care) system, as well as several other national “needs” in your Blog #162, obviously to no avail. So, how do we get them to understand? Their heads seem to be hopelessly stuck in the sandy beach! I believe the problem is that they are out every night, like fireflies, calling us unhappy old voters, but all they are asking is for our money, not our ideas!

Yes, pap, I suppose we’ll just have to continue our efforts to contact them right up until election day, rain or shine!

Talk about old Don Quixote and his windmills. )O;

B & p


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