Buster’s Blog Beyond #28 – Can Earth survive T. Rump – 18 December 2019

Yo, pappy, where’ve ya been? Did they have you in that “witness protection program,” again? We haven’t posted a thing in weeks!

Well, Bus, ya know I’ve been working on encouraging those feckless Demobs to get busy and sort themselves out for these all-important 2020 elections. Golly, if I see one more “news” item on my phone about Nancy Polosi and her impeachment “plan,” I think I’ll puke! I’m sending a bunch of them your entire 5-year blog book, which of course includes your blog # 162 – Ideas for Saving Our Dear Old USofA. Gosh, we posted that baby way back on 1 June 2018, but with all the subterfuge constantly being thrown up by our beloved old Moron, no ideas for improvement have been able to see the light of day!

Pap, I know we agreed to forget the old moron, but did you see the Fox “news” interview of that no-count fool from Texas, Rick Perry, when he opined that old T. Rump was chosen by “God” to carry out “His Will.” Naturally, those ever-forgiving totally hypocritical E-vangelical Rump supporters jumped right on that one, even allowing as how “God” often uses imperfect men to achieve “His” aims, such as the biblical King David, an adulterer. We gotta mention this sweetheart theory!

Bus, you sound awfully close by, did you skip bed-check again? Don’t worry, pap, I used the old basic training pillow in my bunk trick. Well, ya better be careful, you could lose your special dispensation. You are right about those crazy E-vans, they make up their religion as defending the Rump requires… unbelievable! So, you’ve made yer point now, can I get back to encouraging those hopeless Demoblicans? Of course, pap, I sure hope you can get them to thimk, instead of just emoting, a la those Rump Republicats!

Hey, pap, just let me mention this “alternative” theory: Perhaps old Rump was sent by the Devil to destroy our dear old USofA, and the rest of the earth, as well.

Please, everyone, get an old dog-eared copy of my “Buster’s Two Scents” off of Amazon for mere pennies, and you can understand the whole ball of wax.

Buster’s Two Scents available on Amazon

Thanks, Bus

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