Buster’s Blog Beyond #29 – Attention: New Monikers! – 20 January 2020

Yep! Serious Attitudinal Changes have required some adjustments to the terms we had applied to our two major political parties several years ago. As you may recall, at the time, I was unable to discern even a farthings worth of difference between them, resulting in the rather non-descriptive titles, Demoblicans and Republicrats. Now, howsomever, there has been noticeable divergence in their beatitudes, with the demobs leaning toward what some folks call “socialism,” and the repubs going whole-hog to the draconian urges of one idiotic old T. Rump.

Fortunately, an old friend of my old pappy, chronologically speaking, not age-wise, has suggested two new monikers for those crafty old pols, Dumicrats and Repulsicans, which certainly seem to better describe their separate, and now, quite unequal views and actions.

On the one hand you have the Repulsicans, blindly supporting the devastation of our good old USofA, as well as the rest of the planet, by the insane current occupant of 1600 PA Avenue. On the other, there are the Dumicrats, with benevolent ideas, but flailing around as fish in a net, incapable of devising even the simplest plan for achieving their goals.

Old pap and I, of course, are rooting for the good guys, and have been encouraging as many as possible of them to have a look at our blog #162, Ideas for Saving Our Good Old USofA, particularly the section touting a National Service Plan for all our youngsters.

Well stated, Buster, old dawg, Please let me add that, as several of your old blogs had urged the poor old Dumicrats to explain their “socialistic leanings.” As you’ve pointed out, here in our USofA, we already have many examples of “socialism,” such as public schools, fire and police departments, public highways, etc. Obviously, these are good things, as is our cherished “capitalism,” as long as it is properly controlled.

Yes, pap, we have a long way to go to educate our populace, especially the 40% who have been negatively affected by their dratted tv, with it’s subliminal messaging, and then conned by the old expert con artist!

Amen to that, Bus!

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