Buster’s Blog Beyond – Dump the Rump, & Recover – 19 May 2020

Yikes, pap,

Current  Forecasts:  Collapsing governments, famine, crushed economies, and emboldened extremists!  Even less dramatic outlooks have a gloomy tinge, with political alliances crumbling and economies unlikely to rebound fast enough to blunt the impact of hundreds of millions of lost jobs.

Come on, ya crazy old Dumicrats, those forecasts assume the Rump and his bewildered Repulsicans running things.  You can do better!  Put on yer Thimking Caps, and look back at my Blog #162, Ideas For Saving Our Good Old USofA, from June 1, 2018.  It’s a tad outdated, but it’ll give you the ideas ya need for recovering from the Rump’s mess.  Now, for goodness sakes, take those fools at Big Pharma to task, and don’t be letting our swell Multi-National Corporations get their mitts on the infrastructure work.  We sure don’t need another great big corporate boondoggle to spend more dough we ain’t got!!

Remember our old WWII songs, “We done it before, and we can do it again.”  Throw in “It’s a Grand Old Flag,” and you’ll be cookin’!

Here’s another friendly suggestion, be a bit more careful about your own pols and candidates.  Saw where one of your young stalwarts, Joe Kennedy, said, “I want to be honest, transparent, and frank.”  How can ya not just love a dude claiming all that good stuff? )O;

Buster, lad, I understand why I must watch fox so-called “news” sometimes.  There are no tv’s in the GDP (I wonder where all those fibbing fools on the fox tv are sent when they cheerfully kick the bucket?  Well, pap, I can assure you there aren’t any of them up here!  Yeah, Bus, I watched about ten minutes for ya last night, and it was not a pleasure!  There must be a whole colony of maggots regurgitating their dindin of horse dung!

There was old Maria Bartolomio (sp?) asking the Rump how he could campaign now that our economy is poo.  She added that people “elected” him because he was such a great businessman.  Can you believe that size fibbing to then allow him to brag about how he had the economy booming until covid hit.  More Hogwash!  Then, their “Watters World bunk was ranting about “obamagate??”  It’s no wonder that 30%? of our population is so messed up!  Everyone should watch fox “news” for 5 minutes a week (more would definitely make them upchuck).  Then, they also would understand…the poor people “loving” the Rump should not be shamed, they should be pitied!

Editor’s Note:  Rump admitted to 4 bankruptcies in a debate with Hillary, but he said later that he counted the first 3 as only one.  How can these poor people believe he was a “great businessman?”  BTW: How can anyone lose money owning a casino, you’re only supposed to do that if you’re gambling in a casino!

Yes, pap, Fox executives and anchors should be jailed for treason against our poor old USofA, along with the old pretender!  Now that old fool is blaming China for the whole covid mess, and old Doc Fauci for his ridiculous response to it.  Q: How can one tell when Rump is lying;  A. Watch to see if his mouth is moving.  In fact, probably 99% of our death toll, now over 90,000 poor souls is the result of his horrible response to the threat!  Which, of course, he calls, “great.”

So, our friends, you can take your druthers:  Know that the Yuge orange blob is as stupid as is animally possible, remembering his old instructor’s comment, “Trump is the damn dumbest student I ever tried to teach!”  OR  recognize that now, though he certainly is awfully stupid, he is merely a Putin Puppet!

Holy Guacamole!

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  1. Well said, Walt and ‘Bus – and it’s only gotten worse in the week and a half since this was posted. Just when you think we can’t sink any lower, the elevator drops another three floors. God help us. I hope you’re doing well and hanging in there!


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