Buster’s Blog #41-The President of the United States of America -June 1, 2020

This is a joint statement from Buster and his old pappy, Walt.  Donald John Trump, as most of our readers know, has been mentally ill for quite some time, but his recent words, or “tweets,” and actions confirm that he has now crossed into full blown insanity!  The events of the past week in the city of Minneapolis brought forth responses from our President which continued and exacerbated the deep divisions he has sponsored since he took office.  He incites violence among our population.

We have attempted to address the awful progression of lies and hatred spewing forth from this “man” in a humorous manner, but that is obviously no longer possible.  In the midst of this horrible plague, and with the country on fire, he shows no leadership, and only seeks others to blame.  It seems obvious that Trump’s party members are too feeble to stand up to him, and stop the horrible damage he is doing to our country and the world, so we can only spend our efforts trying to help the other party win over the Senate and Presidency.  

I read an article about an interview with Robert de Niro, who has played many very bad men during his long career.  When asked if he would ever consider playing the character of our current “president” if a movie were to be planned sometime in the future, he said, “I wouldn’t want to play him.  He’s such an awful person.  There’s nothing redeemable about him, and I never say that about any character.  The president is supposed to set an example for how we should respect one another.  Trump has never said, I’m sorry, I realize I’ve done something I shouldn’t have done.  He has not one speck of redeeming quality about him.  He’s a petulant little punk.”

Mr. De Niro’s comments are the best description of this horrid lump of sub-human beast that we’ve ever seen.  The president of the United States of America!

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