Buster’s Blog Beyond #46 – Yo, again, Dear old Dumicrats – 3 July 2020

First, a word on your “moniker”:  Old pap and I didn’t come up with these handles for y’all and the Repulsicans, but we sure feel they are self-descriptive.  Rather, a good friend who claims not to be particularly interested in politics, but, as with most of us good old Amuricans can’t escape hearing about them due to our beloved old tellys, had those names sort of pop into her awareness!  So, please don’t take offense, it’s only a name, and besides you guys do act sort of dumb quite often.

That’s correct, Bus, we don’t mean to disparage you good old Dumicrats, but we have to admit you are not making us feel confident that you will be able to rid us of the horrible plague currently residing in our storied White House.  His poor record, alone, should cause a landslide defeat for the old Moron:  Causing our poor old USofA to be the leader in Coronavirus cases and deaths by refusing to take this epidemic seriously (while we represent only less than 5% of the world population, we have 25% of cases and deaths), plus, he’s destroyed our standing in the whole world, and is cooperating with Mr. Putin in fracturing our alliances with our allies, as well as actually killing our troops.  As we’ve mentioned before, he should be dragged out of his subterranean bunker, convicted of murder and hung by the neck until dead!

Gosh, pap, no wonder the old fool is polling way below old Uncle Joe, but that won’t stop those Fox alternative news believers from voting for him.  Nope, so you Dumicrats must up yer game, and stop talking about stuff that can’t be fixed right now, such as “defunding the police,” “medicare for all,” and free college.  Focus on the possible, and winning in November!

Listen to Buster, you old rascals, and spend your time and money, instead of for goofy tv ads, on helping all your voters and independent voters get to the polling places, and help for older voters, such as chairs and umbrellas for the long lines.  If you can get more polling places opened, of course, that would be a big help!

Plus, get good old Uncle Joe off his butt, and outa his cozy basement love nest.  

He’s got to pick his Vice Presidential candidate, now!  With the Election only four months away, Joe and all of you will need to move as though your lives depend on it, as we can assure you, they do, along with the lives of the rest of us poor old battered fellow Amuricans.

Please everyone, stay well and safe,  Bus and ole pap.

PS:  We’ll be back tomorrow with the farcrackers (lil Baltimorese for ya).

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