Buster’s Blog Beyond #45 – Is Hope one of “those” 4-letter words? – 1 July 2020

Yikes, pappy, you were in the generation when uttering a “4-letter word” would get your mouth washed out with soap!  Poor old Hope can’t have attained such a status in this miserable period of history, can it?

Well, Bus, my good lad, you and I will be doing our best to bring it back to respectability.  For today, let’s focus on this “racism” bizness, for dear old George’s sake, along with all the other black lives taken away, both by a few bad policemen as well as each-other. To Be Continued.

OK, pap, can I mention a theory I thunk up here in the GDP in the Sky?  Ya see, with no stinkin” tv up here, we have a lot more time for thimking!  Going way back to when you human beans first emerged from the swamps, and started walking instead of crawling, it seems sort of logical that some of ya stayed in Africa, while other adventurous rascals made their way north to colder climes.  Of course, these foot-loose folks began to develop lighter skin tones due to the relative lack of sunlight.  I’m also guessing that later on, they learned that their life up north was a bit more difficult than that of their brethren who stayed down south.  Pappy, I’m thimking that this may have been the beginning of lighter skinned people envying the easier lives of the folks with darker complexions in the southern hemisphere.  

Gracious, Buster, you’re intimating that this racism stuff started out as nothing more than a bit of jealousy?  Hmmmmm, I must admit, envy is a very strong emotion.  Your seemingly odd theory does actually make more sense than that goofy notion that people with darker skin pigmentation are somehow inferior in some unknown manner!

That’s correct, pap, a lot of your fellow old Amuricans have had their brains addled by those danged tv ads, and of course by such fools as ole Rush Limbaugh and others of his ilk, together with Fox alternative news.  It just shows to go ya that ignorance and stupidity, both of which our Dear Leader displays and promotes yugely, can cause an awful bunch of trouble.

As far as I know, I have no race prejudices, it’s enough for me to know that a man is a human being; he can’t be any worse!

Inexact quote from Mark Twain

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