Buster’s Blog Beyond #48 -That Danged 4-letter Word – 7 July 2020

Well, pappy, that old HOPE word which “springs eternal in the human breast” is becoming dang near nonexistent these days.  That old devil, Donald John T. Rump and his virus have just about done us all in!  These are miserable times, exacerbated by our very own “elected” prezidunt, which can cause even the most cockeyed of all optimists to blink, and turn cynical.

No question about all that, Buster, lad, but we want to talk a bit about the other “virus,” the Covid-19 one, and a couple of it’s predecessors.  The Black Death of 1347 killed 200 million people, about 60% of the global population.  Though of course of unimaginable horror, this plague also caused hospitals to be built throughout Europe and routine medical inspections to become customary.  It also played a role in ending feudalism, effectively ending serfdom and paving the way for modern capitalism, though this sensible system has now been corrupted by our mega corporations.

Wow, pap, that Black Death did some good, and how about the yellow fever of 1802?  That baby allowed ole Tom Jefferson to buy the Louisiana Purchase from good old Napoleon for a mere $15 million, expanding our ole USofA by 828 thousand square miles.  Then, along came the Spanish Flu, which bumped off about 50 million poor souls worldwide, but as the Black Death, it revolutionized public health, spawning the new fields of epidemiology and virology.  So, our “plagues” in the past have been sort of mixed bags, contributing some very good public health improvements, while causing widespread human misery.

Yes, Bus, and we were hoping that the current coronavirus would scare us all enough that we’d be able to put aside our differences and really unite to make a better future for everyone.  Admittedly, it’s gonna be a tad more difficult with our Moronic old fool making matters worse by the day, if not the hour.

Right you are, pap, first and obviously, the wicked Moronavirus must be removed!  That’s why you old Dumicrats must stop your foolishness such as “defund the cops,” abolish the Electoral College, Vote by Mail, etc.  These things you should have done a long time ago, it’s a tad late at the moment…you’ve got to FOCUS on “unelecting” the Orange Blob and his Repulsicans NOW!  Remember, Rump, Putin, Moscow Mitch, and all those poor old MAGA folks whose brains have been addled by Fox alternative news will be enthusiastically helping to destroy what’s left of our battered old country.  So, are ya listening old Dumicrats?  Y’all need to up your game.  Then, get out on the streets and lead all those protesters (the good ones, not the anti-maskers) to the voting places!

“Stupidity is not a handicap in politics.”   Napoleon Bonaparte 

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