Buster’s Blog #49 – HOPE Needs A Plan – 8 July 2020

Golly, pap, do ya thimk there’s any chance that anyone might believe that the example of a few of those old “plagues” might be followed by the current virus, winding up by having caused some positive changes in society’s behavior?

That’s hard to say, Bus, but I have noted that our old madman, the Rump, is trying hard  to divert attention from it.  Now, of course, he doesn’t want people remembering his horrible response, costing us now over 130,000 lives, but he also doesn’t want his divisive modus operandi undone. The old clown in an over-stuffed business suit gets crazier every day; yesterday, he withdrew the U.S. from WHO, just as his virus is worsening all over the country.  Next, he’ll be trying to get us out of the UN.  Then, he, Moscow Mitch, Bolsonaro (with his new mask), and Vlad can start their own “world” body, “The Improved Banana Republics,” excluding all those “sxxx-hole countries. 

True, pap, plus he wants all our schools opened to kill off our kids.  Gloriosky, his recent romancing of the old confederate south is just another way to drive wedges between us good old Amuricans!  He’s a freakin’ New York City rodent who wouldn’t know a magnolia if he saw one.  We can only hope that he loses some of his 2016 PA supporters who are wasting no particular love on the perpetrators of the civil war after General Lee’s invasion of their state and the bloody battle of Gettysburg.  Wouldn’t it be grand, pap, if the old lunatic’s hate campaign finally woke us up to the realization that we are all one nation, and what if we began acting as such?  We can end his Moronavirus, and reform our good old USofA into that “more perfect Union” the founders long ago envisioned?

Got that, good old Dumocrats?  A PLAN for your campaign:

Rid us of Rump and his Moronivirus!   (he & Vlad have embraced it cheerfully)

Bring us together…actually for the first time.  Follow George’s marchers!

Save our forgotten cities with a good old WPA plan. (we’ll help ya flush one out)


“Hands were meant to be held” (but not now) Carino T. Nevada – Dove Wrapper

“Book The Flight” (you’re kidding!)  Bri M. Michigan – Dove Candy Wrapper

“Life is just one danged thing after another.”  Old Napoleon, again.

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