Buster’s Blog Beyond-#61-All over but the cheering and crying-3 October 2020

Well, pappy, I’m thinking that by the end of this week, we’ll know if our dear old USofA is “all gone,” as a toddler might say, or if we’ll at least be able to continue struggling along here in the great pretender’s legacy – his Trumpian Plague.  If we’re fortunate enough to survive the bloodshed wrought by the old fool’s elite storm-trooper vigilantes’ wrath upon his defeat, we can possibly relax just a bit, knowing that we won’t need to endure more of his ceaseless “winning!”  For land’s sakes, he’s out there holding 17 super spreader rallies here in the last four days of voting, killing off his clueless supporters by the dozens.  He even has ole Melania out there displaying her teleprompter skills. It reminds me of the old proverb, “Stupid is as stupid does!”

You’re correct, Bus, it will be a bitter-sweet consolation to watch the “doctors” escort the old Con Artist out of the White House, screaming and crying, in the cute white coat with the wraparound sleeves!  Unfortunately, we’ll be contending with his Plague for years to come.  The best guesstimates I’ve been able to find indicate wearing masks, social distancing, and avoiding gatherings of more than a few people will be our “normal” lifestyle for many years to come, despite our old Idiot-in-Chief’s insistence that we are “turning the corner!”  It’s almost beyond my comprehension to believe that one stupid individual has been able to cause so much misery! Just another low when some of his loonies were harassing the Biden bus on a Texas highway, plus sideswiping an accompanying van…He immediately tweeted, “I love Texas.” Pure madness!

That’s correct, pap, in addition to the horror of living with the Trumpian Plague, the depression it has caused is now sending tens of millions of people into what the old economists cheerfully refer to as “poverty!”  Here again, the old Moron is touting the recent jump in our Gross Domestic Product of some 33%, but fails to mention that the rise is from a grossly depressed level caused by his Plague recession.  Many millions are needing to stand in food lines similar to those last seen during the Great Depression of the ’30’s.  The Trumpian Plague has dramatically widened income inequality, which was already at a terribly cruel level,  in our old USofA.  In my humble opinion, if Mr. Rump is somehow “reelected,”  there’s absolutely no hope for our poor youngsters!

You couldn’t be more right, Bus!  Plus, even when he’s defeated, our kids will have a long difficult road ahead.  The old fool will have left us one “bloody mess,” as the Brits would say, and there will be little to cheer about!

Good grief, a non-scaleable fence outside the White House!  Wrong direction, though…the lunatic’s twitter signal needs to be jammed from leaving the place!

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  1. Right again, fellas. He’s already, predictably, laying the ground work to contest the results and rally the heavily armed nuts when he loses. It’s going to be ugly, even under the best of scenarios. I wish I could feel more optimistic.


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