Buster’s Blog Beyond # 60 – Good Riddance, Mr. T. Rump – 26 October 2020

Buster, Laddie, how many times have we sworn off speaking about the ugly old Ogre of the Oval Office?

Now, pappy, you know as well as I do, that’s like asking, “how many stars are there in the universe?”  So, can we just mention a few of his accomplishments during his four years in office, and hope it ends there?

By gum, Bus, old feller, I believe your good judgement has gotten even better since you moved on up to the Great Doggie Park!  I intended to jot down a few of those “wins” just in case you wanted to note them, but since he bragged on them in the big final deeebate, and they were all great big fat fibs, I thimk we can just forget them.  I watched that entire gasser, and as forecast, it was a grand loss of good sleep.  The old fool behaved a bit better than in the first round, but was still unable to disguise his seething anger and his verbal diarrhea.

I get yer drift, pap, and I guess we are not alone in being thankful that it’s all just about over! You’ve told me, pap, that the good folk are out voting like their lives depended on, and that’s a good thing because 1. all our lives are depending on getting the old scumbag outta there, as well as, 2. the old con man has got the  fix in with that electoral college thingy.  So, the way this old hound doggie reads it, we’ll still need lotsa plain old good luck!  Thus, with my paws and ears crossed, I believe we’ll be able to assign the Rump man to the ugliest  area of the waste bin of history, where he belongs, along with Jack, the ripper, and all the other mass murderers.  

I’m with ya, Buster, and hopefully, he won’t be able to completely crater our poor old USofA until he has to get out of that Oval Office on January 1st, 2021.  This will be tricky, because, under normal circumstances, there is a “transition” period from the election until the new administration takes office, but, of course, nothing is normal when it comes to the old Moron.  Hopefully, at some point during this period, he will be hauled off, screaming and crying, in the nice white jacket with the arms tied around the back.  Anyway, that’s my best guess, Bus!

Ya know, pap, it’s a shame we haven’t been able to get to those old Dumicrats  to stop the Repulsicans, including the Rump, from telling people the Dumicrats, including old unca Joe, and Kamala, are “socialists,” like that’s a real bad thing.  Many moons ago, we explained for everyone that we here in the good old U.S. already practice “socialism” in a number of ways, such as, our public schools, public transportation, fire and police departments, as well as, social security, medicare, medicaid, and other public aid agencies.  For goodness sakes the cops are a socialist institution, because that’s the definition of socialism, pooling our funds for the common good.  Why is it so hard for Amuricans to understand this relatively simple fact?  Well, I suppose I’ve already answered my own question in past blogs, our weakened education systems and Fox alternative news!

Well, Bus, here are a couple parting shots he’s leaving us:

Old Billy Barr has stomped all over Big Pharma, having the oxycontin maker, Purdue Pharma, fined 8 whole billion $s for their part in initiating the horrid drug problem we now have. Plus none of their big shots even got a slap on the wrist!  That’s about  equivalent to fining a serial rapist and murderer 50 bucks for driving with an expired license!

Speaking of Big Pharma, Billy and the Moron are gonna have your drug costs dropping like flies off of old Mikey’s head.

Here’s the biggie:  The old fibber promises to have that great vaccine for his Trumpian Plague ready and being distributed really soon, and as a special bonus, he’s got his great docs working feverishly on an affordable replacement part for your faltering memory chip (that’s for us “senior” citizens).  Ya know, he may have slipped up a bit by not taking the virus seriously initially, and causing a quarter million old folk, and a few youngsters, to die from his Plague, but he’s sure making up for it by pushing Big Pharma to speed up the vaccine.

Garsh, pap, looks like all those of little faith who were worrying that the old faker would be a sore looser are going to have to eat humble pie.  An outgoing official couldn’t be more gracious.  I’ll bet that really nice Amy lady who he nominated to replace dear old RBG has put a bug in his ear about being a real nice person, ‘cause she seems to be a model of kindness and compassion.

Bonus note:

“Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.”   W. C. Fields quote.


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