Buster’s Blog Beyond #65 – The Greatest Loser & Hope – 24 November 2020

Well, pappy, we may be coming to the end of one long dreary night of misery.

The old Ogre lost the Election Big Time, lost his bogus legal challenges, and his pressuring Repulsican Legislators with his “lost soul” voters to not “certify” the election results doesn’t seem to be going so well.  What a champ (or is it chump”)?

Yes, Bus, I sure hope we can turn this miserable page soon. Yesterday, The old fool directed the GSA lady to share their information and resources with old Unca Joe’s transition team, though I don’t know what got him to do it.  He may be beginning to realize that he’ll be a lot safer in one our country club federal prisons than walking the streets where the Russian mafia oligarchs can get him for non-payment of his debts to them.  Those dudes don’t play around!

T-rue, pap, and maybe we can finally get back to helping good old HOPE get back on track.  I saw that my old blogging pal out in Idyhoe had texted you saying, “Hope is harder to come by these days than toilet paper!”  He sure had a point there, but maybe, “with a little bit of luck,” we can scrape on through!

Here’s another unusual item, pap:

The American Medical Association finally declared “racism” to be a public health threat!  Gosh, perhaps they may even add “Trumpism (that cult of some 70 million lost souls) to this extremely tardy assessment!

Pardon me, Bus, I just can’t shut up today!?!  Just want to add that if I had to make a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess – the accounting term) about the Rump’s turn-around on the GSA bizness, I would have to say that old Moscow Mitch had convinced him to give this election up, and they, the Repulsicans, will help him come back in ’24!  These scum never seem to go away!


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  1. I sure hope the nightmare is indeed nearing an end, although I won’t rest easy until he’s good and gone. PS – you’re friend in Idyhoe sounds like a wise man 😉


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