Buster’s Blog #66 – HOPE! Hang on to it! – 30 November 2020

Yo, pappy, come alive!  Poor ole Unca Joe is transitioning right into the biggest, nastiest mess I’m sure he’s ever seen.  Our beloved (in the bewildered minds of his 70 million totally conned fans) Moron has bequeathed old Joe a country in turmoil; over a quarter million dead of his Trumpian Plague, with a thousand new cases every day, an economy in a shambles, and national debt over 27 Trillion Smackeroos, but historically frothy stock markets.  Ain’t all this just grand?

Opps, almost forgot, the bread lines from the 30’s are now dubbed Food Banks!  

I thimk I should go back to sleep, Bus.  Gosh, it was nice to see the regular (fake news) anchors smiling, and even happily joking, instead of constantly frowning.  That’s, of course, exempting old Fox Alternative News, whose mean & miserable denizens are doubling down on their fear and hate mongering.  Howsomeever, the euphoric celebrating may be a tad premature.  As you just stated, we are in a world of hurting right now, and the old perpetrator of most of our troubles isn’t going away.  Nope, he and his pal, Rudy, are attempting to intensify the attacks on the election, and on all our democratic institutions.

True, pap, but I heard the old ner’ do well was unhappy with Rudy and the legal efforts to overturn the election.  They say he even fired that crazy lady attorney, saying that he thought his legal team was making him look bad.  He surely doesn’t need any help in that respect!

Well, Bus, we’ll keep hoping for better days, but as long as the old monster has not gone on to his well-deserved reward (in that real warm place the Evanjellys mention to scare their flocks into keeping the collection baskets full), he’s certain to be on your bloody telly!

Yes, pap, and now his buddy, Netanyahu, has had the Iranian Nuke guy bumped off, so the tv dudes and gals are speculating that our hero just wants to mess up Unca Joe’s debut.  But, au contraire, he’s back to pulling out one of his aces I mentioned a couple years ago; he wants to be a “war-time” prez for his last few months, and, of course, will have to stay on to bring us a great victory! )O; Help!

You are so danged correct, Buster, laddie,  Already, a quarter million dead, over 3 quarter million unemployed, millions homeless and near starving, & thousands of small businesses shuttered or gone forever.  Great job, Don, Jared & Vlad!

It’s hard to believe that one sick, ignorant, & really stupid old fool can have caused this disaster for our old USofA!  Plus, it’s even harder to believe that 70 million or our good old Amuricans don’t know it.  The fact that this many of our citizens believe his lies recalls yer first blog, Bus (2/2/2014) on Education!

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