Buster’s Blog Redux 1 – Tucker

Pappy, you’ve been grumbling lately, is something troubling you?

Yeah, Bus, it’s that twerp who joined Fox “news” a few years ago.  That boy fit right in with the 2 doofuses and a chick, which was the dumbest tv talk show ever devised..  Now, that fool has “matured” to being the major Fox tv show all by himself.  

You’re getting to the crux of the matter, pappy:  The other day some of his most idiotic comments about our fair city appeared in the Baltimore Sun paper.  This looney toon, Tusker Carlson, called Baltimore the worst place on earth to live.  Can you imagine, dissing our old Charm City like that.  The dang idiot should be tarred and feathered and run out of town, as we would have done in the olden days.

OK, Bus, thanks, I feel better now, and hopefully your faithful old blog readers will still be searching for truth as they always have.  Let’s keep your new blog as short as possible to not bore our pals.


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