Buster’s Blog Beyond #87 – The World’s a bloody mess, Kids, but don’t give up!  2021

Buster, good lad, when I first read about this shocker ( Merryland Man kill’s his brother and sister in law.  His bro was a pharmacist and of course was selling Covid vaccine.), I thought, “Good Grief, what hath the ugly fool, Donald J. T. Rump wrought now).  However, on further reflection, I recalled your very first blog, Education.  Obviously, the idiots running around praising Rump, and causing havoc all through our dear old USofA are merely a product of our failed educational systems.

Fortunately, pap, we have met a goodly number of young people who have somehow managed to overcome our short-comings!

That’s right, Bus, and thank goodness for that.  As you will recall, we found a serious problem, not with the teachers, but the administrators interfering.  Those old administrative guys could better spend their time attempting to wrangle a few bucks for ED from the bloated military budgets all our “leaders” happily pass.  Then, the teachers can be left alone to teach the three “R’s”  Readin’, Rightin’, and Rithmetic!  They could even squeeze in a bit of “unvarnished” history, to boot!!

Kiddos, We’re sorry our gen hasn’t done a better job of promoting real education, but we got complacent, with the many good years after WWII, when the GI bill helped so many Vets get better trained.  Over the years, the poly sci crowd must have swung things over to politics and beer

Well, pappy, as I mentioned, we have met many, many enthusiastic youngsters who are studying and working to make things better.  I really am happy to meet so many kids who understand the situation of wealth and income distribution which has been with us for so long, and are determined to correct these inequities.  They are a great hope for our future.

Correct again, Bus, and on that happier note, we may be closing our old blog out.  Yer old pap has been ready to join you for a couple years now, but as we’ve discussed before, in I think blog  83, that option has not been available to him.  However, the loony toons in charge down here can’t hold off nature forever, so keep the ice ready for my Scotch Whiskey, will ya?


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