Holy Guacamole, pappy, we are remiss in our duty to keep our readers informed.  Poor old Unca Joe is trying his best to “build back better,” but of course, ole Mitch, teddy Cruz, and the rest of those unhappy Repulsicans won’t allow any effort to help our good old USofA.

Absotively, Bus, and at the same time, wee little Vlad is sitting atop his tiny tank, shirtlessly freezing his buns off, on the Ukraine border.  Unca Joe has one big problem, he is just too patient.  He is our Commander-in-Chief, ya know, so he could just order our matchless militaire to drop a couple A-bombs on these reluctant rascals.  Done!

Hey, now yer talkin’, pap, and I’ll bet there are few, is any, tears shed!!

Shucks, Bus, as usual, you are 100% correct.  Keep our work succinct!!

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