Buster’s Blog Redux #4 – the little weasel, & Poor Old Unca Joe

February 24, 2022

Well, pappy, the little weasel did what little weasels do…he sent his soldiers off to invade the peaceful Ukraine while he sat in his heated little tank, back there on the border.  We can only hope that old Unca Joe responds forcefully by wiping the little creep off the face of our dear old earth.  We have way more than enough of his kind already.

Yer absolutely correct, Bus, the Russian people have enough trouble just feeding themselves.  They surely don’t need to waste their limited resources on his stupid lust for a terrible conflict to make him feel like a man instead of a tiny coward.  Come on Unca Joe, use our special forces to grab his butt and stop this murdering of innocent Ukrainians.

Pap, I’m worried that it may be too late.  Unca Joe is applying more sanctions to Russia, but ugly oligarchs don’t care about sanctions.  Sanctions only harm poor people.  Sorry, Joe. but you have messed this one up.  Now, we must confront the bloody Russian army.  As a wise old hound dog, I can only advise you to end this mess ASAP:  grab the little beast and use your vaunted diplomacy to get the Russian people to elect a leader who can end this travesty before more blood is spilled.

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