Buster’s Blog Redux #25 – A tiny word on the Scum Bag – D.P.T. Rump

Jun 29, 2022

Pappy, ya know, we agreed a while back not to ever mention the ugly creep again!

Yes, Bus, but he’s gotten uglier and nastier by the day.  He publicly attacked the little girl & her Mom and Grandma in Georgia, for doing her job, counting ballots.  I guess he was angry that she couldn’t find the extra 11,000 votes he needed.  Then, of course, everyone now knows who was watching tv, even Fox Entertainment tv, & saw the former White House Chief of Mark Meadow’s staff, Cassidy Hutchinson, testify about Rump’s dastardly deeds in the Oval Office, as well as outside it when he was hyperventilating!

He apparently really wanted to go to the January sixth riot at the capitol, hoping the mob would carry out his wishes, and hang Mike Pence.  What a guy!  Did he actually get elected, pappy?

Yes, Bus, please don’t ask me how, but that was on one of the darker days in our old USofA.  I suppose, as we mentioned before, it goes back to your very first blog, “Education, or the lack thereof!”

Well, pap, let’s hope he crawls back into the swamp from whence he emerged.

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