Buster’s Blog Redux #24 – Roe is on the Ballot

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Good Morning, pappy, I thought you’d never get to the ‘puter, we got work to do!

As usual, yer downright correct, Buster!  It may seem as though we have been flown off to OZ, but that is not the case, we are still here in good old Smalltimore!  

Yes, pap, and the witch is not dead, she’s married to Supreme Court Justice Thomas, and she’s wreaking havoc as witches are want to do.  Fortunately, old Uncle Joe, inept as he may be, has sounded the marching orders, “Roe is on the Ballot!”  Ya know, just twixt you and me, that may have been dear Kamala’s thought, but, bless her heart, she loaned it to Joe.

Well, Bus, however the call emerged, it’s our inspiration now.  The forces of evil, sometimes now known as the Repulsicans (gosh, they haven’t always been this horrible, Donald J. T. Rump seems to have really messed them up) are now intent on sending us back as far as 1920!  They’ve never gotten over women’s suffrage pioneers getting our ladies the vote.

Right, pap, and their memories and ugly actions sure match their symbol!  We must wake up dear old Nancy.  She can be our savior now.  Miss Nancy, please get all your Dumicrats, plus anyone else who loves our freedoms out to the polls.  The life of our democracy depends on them!

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