Blog #54: Fox called last night’s TV Reality shows, “Debates.” —- Please, Save us, Bernie!

Ho, Boy, talk about your grand theatre!

The modus operandi of the Fox channels has been the promotion of abject fear to their greying audience. Now, it seems as though they have shifted slightly, to expounding the anger and frustration of us poor Amurican voters. Don’t they sound just “like” those exciting Repiublicrat prez aspirants?

Hosting another of the endless series of Republicrat “Great Debates,” Fox launched a political promotion extravaganza for the ages, offering each candidate ample opportunity to display his or her expertise at commander-in-chiefing and economy growing. Other than squabbling in a manner similar to very young children in a playground dispute, most of them used this auspicious occasion to hammer dear old Hillary relentlessly. If old pap and I were running good old Bernie’s campaign, we’d send them all boxes of chocolates this morning!

Speaking of ole Bernie, we sure wish he would spend a little time on the stump assuring us old voters that he has a handle on all the fear mongering items so prominently heralded by those astute Fox “News” “reporters.” Those journalistic wizards have succeeded in heartily scaring a goodly portion of the population, and even some Demoblicans believe our man to be a “one-trick-pony.” Bernie has been around for awhile, and old pap and I believe him to be a “well-rounded” candidate, but obviously some others need more convincing.

So, in keeping with our effort to not bore you to tears, we’ll sign off now.

Your ever-vigilant

hound, Buster (with old pap on drums)

PS: Michael Lewis’s “The Big Short” has now been made into a “movie.” Not sure if the celluloid can do justice to that monumental expose of Wall Street Greed, but since reading takes so much of your limited time, watching the film may give you some idea of the gravity of Bernie’s message.

Are we having another round of Wall Street “excitement?”


Flash Boys ill.
HFT dude minding his computer adjacent to the exchange computer

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