Blog #60: Yet Another “Debate.”

Ho, Boy, will old pap and I be glad when this bloody Prez campaign is over, and pappy can stop watching old Fox “News” to see just how incredibly “fair and balanced” they can be – oh yes, “smart,” too! Maybe I can even have time to get back to a subject much more important than most of this political falderol, BEER.

So, the Demoblican “establishment” is firing up these “debate” thingys in order to salvage old Hill’s bid, again. Last night’s contest was again way more civil than any past or probably future Republicrat effort, but still got a tad testy as dear old Hillary attempted to “expose” Bernie’s “criticisms” of good old Barack. She also tried to use half-truths about some of Bernie’s past voting record, possibly thinking that the old feller would be unable to recall the full truth quickly enough to unveil her deception. The old Bern was up to the task, however, at one point even accurately exclaiming, “That was a low blow!”

BTW: Fox “News” wanted to know why Bernie keeps giving Hillary a free pass on those damned Emails!

Bernie stuck to his message that a political and economic “revolution” is necessary to bring our tortured old country back to some level of reason. If you have been reading any of these goofy blog thingys that old pap and I have been scribbling out over the last couple years and have considered our urgings, you may feel that the man has a valid point. Hillary, though, as do many “establishment” Demoblicans, believes that Bernie is a single issue candidate (I think we mentioned a friend using the term, “One trick pony”), and she said so last night. In our not-so-humble opinion, these Bernie critics don’t understand the full significance of Bernie’s one issue. The totally out-sized influence of big corporations and other political “donors” is making a mockery of our claimed democratic system. The same unholy balance of power over our capitalistic economic system was the major cause of the Great Depression of the 30’s, and has now grown to a size that the old “trustbusters” of those bleak days could not even imagine.

Since a semblance of order was restored by logical legislation in the early 30’s, we’ve had a workable combination of socially responsible capitalism in operation which has produced amazing wealth. However, over the last 30-some years, the post-Depression legislation has been whittled away, leading to the inequitable situation we face today. Financial skulduggery is once again the primary threat to our Democracy.

On foreign affairs, Secretary Clinton seems dangerously close to the Republicrat notion of “tough” dealings with our “adversaries.” How “tough” do they all think we can be? We have bases all over the world to protect our “interests,” and enough nuclear armaments to destroy the entire world many times over. We’re spending as much on our military as the next 10 or so nations combined, as good old Rand Paul tried to point out to his Republicrat competitors before he had to bail out due to being too sensible for that group. Obviously, logic doesn’t work with that crowd at all.

Bernie, on the other hand, believes in working toward “normalized” relations with all countries, however difficult achieving such a goal might be. Can Demoblicans and Republicrats consider such international rapprochement, following, of course, a bit of cooperation among themselves? Bernie, or any President, will undoubtedly need some healthy powers of persuasion to bring about lasting peace!

But what a world we could have if reason and understanding could flourish. Maybe Bernie’s idea of thinking “BIG” will get some traction, even with the reluctant Demoblican establishment, in addition to the properly concerned millennials.

Hold on there, pappy, old sock, before we get too euphoric, there’s the little matter of those practical Demoblicans fearing that Bernie is not “electable.” With Hillary fumbling and stumbling over reality, though her delivery is still smooth as silk, that wild and crazy party is speaking about waking Old Uncle Joe!

We gotta hope that the young folk who have so much to lose if we can’t straighten up and fly right, will be willing to work like mad to help old Bernie bring about the “revolution.” Don’t want to get over-dramatic here, but we really are at a critical juncture!

Put on your thinking caps, kiddos, Buster (with old pap on drums)

PS: As old Fox might say, this just in: Good old Mike Bloomberg announced that he is authorizing some kind of committee to decide if he should spend a $Billion or so of his own money to wage his independent run. The pundits think his running could lead to that august body, the House of Representatives, choosing our next Prez. As an old “Arish” pal of pap’s would say, “Dear Mither of Gawd, save us!”

A cheerful one percenter:

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