Blog #61: Endless “Debating” Happy Valentines Day

Holy Birthers! Mercy, please!! Did anyone else see that gang of five last night? Fiasco doesn’t quite describe that assembly. The three “bad boys” were screaming at each other over “immigration reform,” and if it hadn’t been for the old school marms, John and Ben, reprimanding them, they may have gotten to mortal combat! At least it didn’t appear as though there were any gleaming, holstered devices in sight.

Old pap and I were unable to stomach the entire party, but it seemed to be going according to script as did the preceding ad campaigns, simple questions with resulting non-answers. Lots of bluster and extremely “conservative” promises.

Youngsters coming out of college these days are facing bleak job prospects, so old pap was trying to reassure the nephew that Accounting is a very employable profession since a graduate can work in any industry or business. Ha! If by some cruel stroke of fate, young attorney Teddy were to reach the oval office, accountants would be a dime a dozen. Day One, he promises to revise our tax return filings to a post card, as well as abolish the IRS. Sorry kids, looks as if Poly Sci is your only feasible option!

Honestly, if these people were not campaigning to become the President of the United States of America, the whole lot of them would be comical beyond your wildest imagination. Old Bernie keeps looking better and better!

Pap’s old Arish buddy might be saying, “Dear Mitther o’ Gawd, help ole Bernie save us!”

Y’all take care, now, Buster (come on pap, we’re outa here)

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