Blog #62: Debate? Good Grief, Linus!

Old pap and I must apologize to poor old Jeb; we completely overlooked him in our blog after the last Republicrat “Debate.” That man got no respect from anyone! Perhaps we were clairvoyant. Anyway, old George H. W. was there last night, together with Barbara; we suspect trying to give that motley crew a little class.

Last night was a classic of slapstick comedy, missing only the nose pinches reminiscent of The Three Stooges, with accompanying “honk honk” sounds. The “Terrific Threesome” almost never answered a “moderator’s” question, instead just regurgitating their respective memorized lines, talking over each other and the “moderator” regularly. Not Surprisingly, Fox “News” (and Friends, God bless ‘em) cheered the insults and name-calling bright and early this morning, even inviting an uncharacteristically Brunette correspondent who commented that Rubio and Cruz showed they could be “The Bullies of the Sandbox” when attacking the old Donald. These three circus performers reminded one of badly behaved kids on a playground, as they were screaming their inane put-downs of each other to the wild applause of theTexas crowd.

It is possible though that young Rubio may have hit on one particularly mean-sounding con which might even stick to old “teflon” Donald (remember good old Teflon Ron Reagan?), the defunct Trump University. Those lawsuits are certainly potential trouble for the old schmoozer, although nothing so far has affected the odd devotion of the crazed Republicrats under his spell.

In regard to Trump’s real high wall, blaming Mexico for our businesses and jobs being “outsourced,” and for our drug epidemic is a bit of a stretch, even for this big fibber.

Again, Kasich and Carson were the only ones on the stage who were even resembling adults. Gov. John was again touting his experience in turning Ohio around, but as we’ve mentioned before, that was done by using the unhappy tactic of swiping other states’ businesses and jobs. Ben allowed as how he felt the IRS was unnecessary, and he would get rid of it.

There was a little squabble over releasing tax returns, and the Don said he’d do so as soon as his latest audit was completed, noting that he gets audited every year. Ben allowed as how he felt the IRS was unnecessary, and he would get rid of it. He also said that they audit him a lot, to no avail. Oh yes, Donald also claimed that he was reinventing the Republicrat party. Editor’s Comment: That bunch could sure as heck use a remake!

Commercial Break!! “Ask Your Doctor?” Apparently those prescription drugs are too expensive and people are switching to cheaper cocaine. Did ya know that our good old U.S.ofA. is one of only two countries in the world that permit so-called DTC, direct to consumer, ads on TV? Do you also wonder why drug prices are so high in our country? To their credit, the AMA has called for a ban of this ugly practice!

Old pap and I suppose this if one of those items making the old good U.S.ofA. so exceptional in the hearts of those compassionate Republicrats. Come on Bernie, save us, man! This is a no-brainer!!

Meanwhile, the good old Demoblican National Committee has been able to keep their faithful conned into the belief that Dear old Hillary is impervious to the gobs of cash being bestowed upon her and, of course, her hubby, dear old Slick Willy. This pair of reborn New York, Arkansas hillbillies has been pulling the wool for a very long time. If these people don’t get their act together, we’re going to wind up with a Trump or (UGH – a Cruz or Rubio) on Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s actually difficult to think of a worse scenario!

With all their inept efforts to protect dear old Hill from overexposure, the DNC has allowed those clever Republicrats to dominate the airwaves and discussion of the issues, such as they are feebly able. Debbie and Co. would have done better to have just relied on their undemocratic super delegate system to do in poor old Bernie.

Unfortunately, for our good old U.S.ofA., not to mention the world, Republicrats and Demoblicans, alike, seem to be intent on re-proving the observation of good old Henry Mencken, ”Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

Old pap and I have been trying to get the attention of the Bernie campaign to see if there is any way we can help (other than donating four times a day), but they seem to be too busy, and we’re sure they are very busy.

Peace, y’all, Buster. (come on, pap, wake up, it’s only 9 o’clock)

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