Blog #63: “Super” Tuesday Thoughts

Well, Le Don and Hill carried the day, handily!

Tuesday, of course, while waiting for some results, provided a plethora of cable TV entertainment, almost as exciting as watching paint dry!

A word or two on the results:

Monsieur Trump had a big day, obviously. and proved that those good old Evangelicals can be convinced to bend a bit on their basic tenets, especially when their fears are sufficiently aroused. This group should not be condemned in this regard, however, since many of us good old Amuricans have been immersed in the politics of fear since childhood; fear being one of the prominent methods of control for many of our religions. Few of us can believe for sure that there is no “Hell” in an afterlife!

Apparently, trying to sound more “presidential,” the Donald is even channeling good old Bernie in proclaiming “a political revolution” in the Republicrat party. The establishment will probably wind up accepting the old Con Artist since he is generating tremendous enthusiasm among a goodly portion of the party faithful, especially those most susceptible to the ongoing economic stress.

Sounds as if all the Republicrats are still in the race, and Teddy Cruz in his “victory” speech, again reminded old pap and I of those great lines of Professor Higgins in “My Fair Lady,” “He oiled his way across the floor, oozing charm from every pore!”

Over on the Demoblican side, good old Hillary was also strong, especially among minority voters. In our view, this phenomenon is mostly due to the misconception among these folk that the Demoblican establishment, and, of course dear Hillary, have, in more modern parlance, had their backs. This belief is contrary to recent historical fact; minorities, and the poor in particular, are probably worse off after a period of Demoblican congressional dominance before 2012, and now a Black President (though President Obama has had to endure unprecedented Republicrat obstruction).

Though Bernie is certainly hanging in there, and getting an amazing number of small donations, he is still being hurt badly by the misconceptions mentioned above. Again, in our not-so-humble opinion, Bernie needs to better explain how economic inequality is affecting all aspects of life for the poor and so-called “middle class,” be they (to use wholly inaccurate, though commonplace distinctions) of white, black, brown, or any other “color.”

The Demoblican National Committee would, we think, be well advised to at least treat dear old Bernie with a bit more respect. Contrary to their listless performance at the polls thus far in this cycle, Bernie is bringing in a bunch of new voters which they will desperately need come November.

Yikes, the good old boy, and now a few gals, system in both our political parties is hanging on for dear life. Dang!

We need a revolution, and we sure as heck prefer Bernie’s brand to Le Don’s!!

Tomorrow, The BIG Pitcher (that’s Bawlmerese, or Baltimoron talk, if you prefer!)

Peace, Buster (come on, pappy, we’re outta here)

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