Blog #64: After “Super” Tuesday – The Big Pitcher

Hello, again, fellow Amuricans, this is Buster, your favorite (I hope) hound doggie. My old pappy helped me start this Blog thingy because as an old beancounter, he recognized some time ago that our dear old U.S.ofA. was sort of going to heck in a handbasket. Worse, not many people seemed to care, or maybe they were too busy trying to scratch out a living to be able to think about it.

Then, about a year ago, along comes Bernie, an old buzzard who’s nearly as old as my teetering old pappy, but Bernie’s in good shape, and, most importantly, he too understands why we’re in such trouble and has some idea how to get us back on track. Many young people, sometimes referred to as Millennials, are also becoming aware of the situation, and realize there won’t be any opportunities for them to have a decent life if things aren’t changed.

So, as it stands right now, our economy is staggering, we are in debt up to our ears, and the world around us is suffering from a deluge of refugees, mostly due to unfortunate decisions made by the representatives who we sent to Washington, D.C. to make our laws. As more and more money has seeped, now literally flowed, into our political processes, we have developed a congress which consists almost entirely of the very best politicians that money can buy!  As Bernie correctly informs, the people who have poured that cash all over these public servants have gotten laws passed which enriched them beyond reason while leaving large segments of our population in dire straits.

In a nutshell, that’s what we old Baltimorons call the BIG PITCHER!

So, we are faced with the 64 million dollar question: What to do?

Perhaps the good news is our citizens have finally realized that things are bad and we need to change —— fast. On the bad news side, we are being deluged with bad advice on WHAT TO DO. For instance, fellows like the Donald are telling us that it is the poor immigrants who have come here to escape the terrible conditions in their home lands, and other “foreigners” who are causing all our troubles.

In fact, most of our economy’s troubles are the direct result of bad policies allowing big corporations to indulge in GLOBALIZATION, a grand-sounding, but still rather innocuous term. However, globalization is the process by which the Wall Street Bankers and our other too-big-to-fail corporations are farming out our businesses and jobs to poor countries and using basically slave labor to produce what used to be made here. The “trade” agreements engineered at the behest of those big corporations have produced many billionaires in some of those countries, while at the same time, devastating their local economies, and throwing our own economy into turmoil by decimating our manufacturing industries and eliminating many of our good-paying jobs.

Bernie is the only candidate in either party who not only admits who the bad guys are, but also has every intention of doing something about corralling them. He mentioned that Hillary thinks he is thinking too big. Pap and I say, au contraire, Bernie needs to think BIGGER! Bernie says he wants millions of us to come together in order to revolutionize the corrupt political process, and we whole heartedly agree with him. However, he needs to change that to TENS OF MILLIONS. Bernie needs, not only to win the Demoblican nomination and the Presidency, but to carry with him enough Independents or Demoblicans to take back the Senate and seriously challenge the House. OUR COUNTRY, AND THE WHOLE WORLD FOR THAT MATTER, NEED BERNIE AND HIS REVOLUTION.

Now, here comes good old Mitt, in a last ditch effort to derail good old Donald’s surging campaign to the Republicrat nomination. Mr. Romney certainly spoke the truth about Mr. Trump, though 4 years ago as the party’s candidate, he praised The good old Donald. Mitt also spoke the truth about Mrs. Clinton, mostly. So, has this old establishment figure changed anything? Doubtful. In old pappy’s and my view, The Donald is only marginally worse than Teddy and Marco. These two should be ashamed of themselves for forgetting that their own parents came to this country under similar circumstances as the immigrants they want to deport. Have they asked themselves, “What would Jesus do?” Doubt it!

Mitt was only trying to save the Republicrat party establishment, just as the Demoblican establishment is trying it’s best to save itself and Hillary. The big money folk want to retain the status quo. That doesn’t do much for the rest of us in the 99%.

Well, at least the “Grand Ole Party” “Debate” tonight should be a bit more exciting than watching paint dry!

Keep the faith, Buster. (wake up, pappy, we gotta post this blurb)

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