Blog #65: “Debates,” ad infinitum.

As usual, though in lesser numbers, the Republicrat remaining prez aspirants showed up with the Terrible Threesome resembling very unruly junior high scholars, and, of course, the one quasi-adult. Gov. Kasich’s remark about his not wanting to join the “scrum” was a terrible disservice to the game of Rugby. Remembering and paraphrasing what good old Newt Gingrich called this gang: the strongest and most talented group of candidates the Republicrats have fielded in many a year! As we recall, he didn’t mention the exact nature of their amazing talents, though. For their part, the Republicrat establishment members are fairly panicking about Donald, exactly why we can only guess. Our guess is that their reasons are not totally altruistic.

Now, over on the Demoblican side, once again good old Bernie was able to lend a kinder, gentler, better mannered tone to the evenings discussions, although his civility appeared to have only a limited effect on Secretary Clinton’s generous applications of poetic license to her fleeting acquaintance with the truth.

As always, we found Hillary alleging that she has worked her entire life for you poor folk, and her only reason for seeking the presidency is to help you more now! However, she really loves getting rich, so how could she turn away all that banker money? Not to worry, she still promises to put an end to their criminal ways, which just happen to be keeping y’all at or very near the poverty level.

Such a pity, the Demoblican “inner sanctum” gang is also doing it’s best to keep the “outsider” out! Could it be that there’s some compassionate self-interest at work here, also? This group lacks nothing on The Donald’s con artist prowess; it is almost a miracle how they have been able to keep large numbers of minority voters believing that the Clintons have helped make their lives better.

Hillary and Bernie had another opportunity to show their stuff last night, by courtesy of good old Fox “News,” and the individual interviews with these candidates were, we thought, carried out in a “fair and balanced” manner.

So, the game goes on, enjoy, Buster. (pappy’s still drumming)


  1. Hello Buster, I like your blog and the clever comments on Republicats and Demoblicans performances in the race for the prez debates.
    This brings back some embarrassing memories of last December when your Master invited me for his birthday. Please tell him I profusely apologize for forgetting about it.
    I wish we could get together sometime at the Roosevelt Market in the near future to catch up on things since last time we met. I am really missing our meetings for coffee with you and our late friends.

    Your Friend,


    1. Hi, Kjell, Thanks for your nice comment on my old blog. You must be speaking of my chief typist who had his “Snowman” Birthday. He said that he is sorry you missed the party, too, and he’d love to join you at the Market for a cup of what he calls diluted mud! He said that he can’t remember much about the party, but it must have been fun because he had a headache for three days after.

      Your pals, Buster and his teetering old pappy, walt.


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